Natural Alternatives To Get Through The Transition

Fortunately there are natural solutions on hand t...

Let's Reconcile Nature And Health With Shamanic Medicine

When a human being is considered to be a componen...

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How to fight against stress?

Stress is everywhere! How can you manage it?

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Rescue Remedy To Deal With Daily Stress

Rescue Remedy: the original blend of 5 Bach Flowe...

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Natural Health

Probiotics: Unravel The True From The False!

Probiotics, a real or a false hope against digest...

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Strengthen Your Immune System All Year Round

How to keep your body in good shape and boost its...

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What Are The Best Probiotics?

How do I find the Probiotics that best suit me?

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Alternative Healing

Open Your Chakras

Bad mood? Unblock your chakras and recharge your ...

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Aromatherapy On The Rise!

Aromatherapy... A passing fad?

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What Does Acupuncture Heal?

A form of alternative medicine? With a little hum...

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The 5 Principles Of Reiki

Let's approach the Universe with care and serenity

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Is Listening To Music Good For Your Health?

How music influences our daily lives, also known ...

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How to Take On Winter and Win!

The best tips for keeping fit in winter and escap...

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How To Have a Good Winter

Here's how to have a good winter this year

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Essential Nutriments

The Essential Role of Zinc

Zinc: Benefits, dosage, foods… We tell you what y...

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The 9 Trace Elements That Can Boost Our Health

The 9 trace elements that can boost our health

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Naturopathy and Its Derivatives

What's it all about? Get your plate ready and fin...

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What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin D?

Why is Vitamin D so important?

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Women's Health

How To Control Hot Flashes?

The Menopause, understand it better to manage it ...

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The Scandal About Hormonal Treatments

In The Benefit/Risk Balance, Who Wins?

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How To Prepare For Menopause

What if it was a liberation?

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What Are The Different Types of Insomnia?

6 Sleep Disorders to Take Seriously

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Understanding Sleep Problems

Better identify sleep disorders to prevent insomnia

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10 Good Habits to Adopt to Sleep Well

Fall asleep every night with a smile!

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Overcome Insomnia

Insomniac in my spare time

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Mental Health

What Is Stress?

Stress, a natural feeling?!

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The 9 Signs Of A Depression

Discover the 9 symptoms and warning signs of a de...

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How Can You Rise Out Of Depression?

How can we feel good, when everything seems to be...

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Featured In Health

Focus On Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine; A new choice for you?

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What Your Aches And Pains Are Telling You

Everything which can’t be explained is explained!

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Myth Or Reality, The Real Secrets Of The Placebo Effect

A real deception: Fake Drugs that can have real e...

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The Intestine, Our Second Brain!

An important, sensitive and intelligent organ

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