When Fatigue And Stress Take Over

Let's look at the manifestations of stress and its consequences on our daily lives

Sometimes these two commonplace words can be deceptive!
The two words STRESS and FATIGUE need no introduction. They can apply to a person from time to time, as a one off, or all the time.

Stress and anxiety can be the root causes of fatigue. Stress is a particular psychological response by our organisms to a problematic situation.

In this article, Womensdestiny offers you a wider approach and consideration of these terms. As we see it, even though the two words are different from one another, in Western Culture they both tend to have a negative meaning which each in their own right, suggest that they can have grave consequences on our health. 

Fatigue is an element of stress. The latter is divided into three parts:

• The alarm reaction,

• The resistance stage,

• The stage of exhaustion.

We often hear: "I'm tired," "I can’t take it anymore," "My boss stresses me out", "I'm stressed, edgy" ... etc. These kinds of feelings can be applied to an endless list of statements regarding one’s life, when in this situation.  It’s also easy to believe that we are the victims of fatigue and of stress. Socially speaking, and from generation to generation, we deal with these terms as if stress and fatigue are some kind of inadequacy; "At your age, I was never tired," "What have I done to have become so tired, it's not normal" "stress keeps me awake at night"...and so on . We see them as being the two enemies that are contrary to our well-being, our performance, our drive and vitality.

To be honest, some degree of stress in necessary to be able to accomplish everyday tasks, and especially when we need to adapt to changes. Our bodies, in fact our whole beings, share the rhythmic fluctuations that we experience in our life situations.

By being more attentive to these rhythms, we can recognise the signs when they happen, in order to better integrate and accept them as a normal reaction to the process of life.

Before a life-changing event or simply when changing a habit, our body begins the process of adjustment, as mentioned above with its three phases. Everyone has their own particular reaction to the same situation and these three stages can be shorter or longer according to the person. Remember at all times that this is completely normal reaction and always bear this in mind.

Where stress can go beyond its’ primary functions, is in the failure of this three stage process. In other words, when stress reacts inappropriately and gets stuck in any of these three phases. Resistance to stress can cause chronic fatigue. It’s quite logical really; our minds are usually a small step ahead of our bodies. As as our beliefs concerning the exhaustion phase prevent us from relaxing, the accumulation of these situations can cause insomnia and anxiety. These symptoms can aggravate an underlying condition of the infamous "Burn out".

What can we do before we get to this stage?
Without a doubt, we need to adopt a new lifestyle. Eat better, play sports, or enjoy a pastime which is relaxing, take the time to do things, take time for ourselves.

Learn again how be happy and grateful in life, every day. To step back when needed to listen to our bodily needs and to persevere in the right direction for them. Thus, we will be listening to our bodies, to give them the attention they deserves at any time. 

Remember that our bodies are our best life insurance! They are the vehicle of our health.

It is also important to change our way of thinking gradually and step by step. At any age we have the right to be tired and stressed, as indeed we have the right to be happy and to treat ourselves with kindness.

The advice from Womensdestiny:
Fight against stress!

If you are having issues with your fatigue and stress, you can also find external solutions:

- Yoga for revitalization

- Meditation to raise the spirits

- Relaxation to rejuvenate your spirits