What Is EMDR Therapy?

This is the bet of EMDR: You can move your Eyes t...

Addiction: An Observation

A shadowy aspect, an alarming observation and fig...

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Become The Artist of Your Life Once Again!

Art therapy is used to encourage personal growth ...

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I Hate Celebrating My Birthday!

Every year, when the date of your birthday is app...

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Personal Development

Self Esteem

Self-esteem, liking yourself, loving yourself, ha...

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All Eyes On Sophrology

Used as a technique for relaxation and self-knowl...

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Positive Thinking:Try Out The Coué Method!

Autosuggestion works wonders, let's adopt positiv...

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Psychology Files

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is “the science of happiness”...

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Are We All Bipolar?

We all have mood swings, strong emotions and some...

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I Don't Like Gifts

When the pleasure of giving is not associated wit...

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What Is Self-Confidence ?

Have confidence and believe in yourself… Easier s...

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Psychogenealogy: Breaking Free From the Family Shackles

Finally a transgenerational approach that gets to...

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Everything You Need To Know About Hypnosis

Quit smoking, lose weight, reduce your stress, al...

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Gestalt Therapy, What Is It?

Get in shape… For an increased awareness of your ...

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Addiction & Dependence

ED : Eating Disorder

Valerie's testimony about her eating disorder

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How To Tell If My Daughter Has an Eating Disorder

It is often said that appetite comes with eating ...

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I Think My Son Is Using Cannabis

Discover the physical and psychological symptoms ...

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The Largest Self-Help Group In The World

Hello, my name is Annie, I am an alcoholic... Sob...

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Professional Life

What Is Burnout?

At your WIT'S END? And what if it was a burnout?

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Harassment At Work Is a Real Problem

Taboo for a long time, the subject of harassment ...

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Finding A Good Balance Between Your Work And Private Life

Some ideas to follow for these two, very distinct...

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Psychologist Or Coach-Which One?

The border is sometimes tenuous. Better to alread...

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A Love Coach For My Relationship? Why Not?

Men and women are confused. Paradoxically, at a t...

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What Is A Life Coach?

Become the master of your own life, master all yo...

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What Is Coaching?

A powerful approach to personal development! But ...

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