Do You Know About Mobbing? Psychological Aggression At Work

Put the king in check, keep the queen and fire the bishop; a power game where psychology comes into play, this organizational terrorism that puts us in checkmate

Mobbing is a horrible process of choosing a subject in order to weaken him or her, in order to eliminate them from the staff of a company.
The term comes from the word "mob" which means to assault or to assail.
Here, psychology comes into play, the mental process is attacked, the idea being to invade the thoughts of the person concerned, in order to cause an insidious disturbance. More gently at the beginning, then more firmly anchored as time goes on.

The reasons are many, here are a few:

• The person designated for eviction is considered dangerous, because he or she has more developed capacities than his (or her) superior or colleagues and could therefore take the place of one or the others.

• He or she does not share the ideas of the company when it comes to organization.

• He or she is overstepping the mark, his role and responsibility within the company, according to his critics.

The actions
- The repetition of the following actions is a provocative way of destabilizing the so-called "enemy"
- Notorious hostility from the hierarchy and or colleagues is omnipresent

- Sometimes, handling of the subject's computer occurs, in order to erase important files or add compromising elements

- Violent emails with undisguised threats

- Repetitive and increasingly brutal criticisms

- Backbiting and Scandalmongering

- Mockery of all kinds (regarding their physical attributes, private life, even about an infirmity etc.)

In fact, all ideas are pointed towards discrediting the victim by any means, by aggressing him over time, in order to unbalance him physically and especially morally.

The results are "violent" and can go to very serious extremes

• The fear of being judged and the loss of self-confidence are the first factors that appear

• Great discomfort and constant panic at the idea of ​​coming face to face with his torturers

• The decision to resign so as not to "suffer" anymore, but with all the stress of the ensuing problems (loss of job without consideration, search for a new job, money problems etc.)

• A deep depression accompanied by psychosomatic stress can occur suddenly, without being able to fight it, the "worm" being already too strongly anchored in the mind of the patient to overcome

• In severe cases, suicide seems the only way out

Fortunately for some, resilience is possible, namely the ability to stand firm in the face of the difficulties that arise. This requires a foolproof balance and unwavering self-confidence, but it is not certain that over time this can continue. If the bullying has reached a very advanced stage, it is worth turning to an external specialist.