Harassment At Work Is a Real Problem

Taboo for a long time, the subject of harassment in the workplace is now considered a real problem

There are 2 types of harassment at work, that which is a question of morality, directly linked to the position of the employee concerned, or that which is of a much more subtle sexual nature, at least in its appearance at the beginning.

Very often the victim of this type of harassment is not, at first glance, aware that they are undergoing a real psychological attack, which is aimed at destabilizing or even pushing the victim out, or even into more obscure waters than decorum and decency prevent us from specifying here!

As it seems that this is happening more and more from certain viewpoints, we are going to give you all the details, in order to understand this problem against which we need to defend ourselves.

An employer can have (for reasons which are specific to them, but not necessarily logical), very unpleasant attitudes towards their employees.

Examples in the context of work:
• Insults, anger and other snubs

• Arbitrary accusations or even inventions

• Aggressive behavior, acting superior

• Requests which are not justified in relation to the capacities of the employee who cannot keep up or which are far below what he was hired for

• Penalties without any basis

• Quarantine, containment, change of office for an isolated and cramped room

In short, all of these factors create a climate of stress, fear & imbalance if they are maintained too long and which can go as far as causing deterioration to a person's mental health.

Examples in the case of sexual harassment:

• Vulgar & outrageous vocabulary

• Establishment of a dark and distressing climate

• Pressurising gestures and movements in order to dominate, with a bid to make the subject accept relationships of a sexual nature.

• Dominance by force of a weakened subject by several people for the same reasons mentioned above

In both cases, it will be difficult to prove these facts against the employer, even if they took place in the presence of coworkers, who fear for their job if they go against their boss. 

The behaviour to have
The best attitude to have is to meet with a specialist lawyer who can disentangle these extreme complications, position themselves as an advisor and avoid any potentially serious mistakes.

However, if, as the law says, the facts are true, the penalties can be very serious, because the Labor Code does not joke with this kind of heinous behavior and for that, so much the better.