Finding A Good Balance Between Your Work And Private Life

Some ideas to follow for these two, very distinct, parts of our life, even if they happen to be complementary

The ideal is to harmoniously balance your private and professional life, but we all know it is difficult to experience one without it encroaching on the other.
However with a good organization, we can manage to juggle these 2 very distinct parts of our lives, even if they happen to be complementary.
We have identified and developed some ideas to follow ... or not! It is up to you to decide the best choice for you.

- We don't mix tea towels with towels!
We suggest you learn to separate the 2 poles without constantly jumping from one to the other. What needs to be done in the office must in no way interfere with your home life. No more files brought back on weekends or personal phone calls to the office. You are either working, or you are not.

- We stop connecting at all costs
The arrival of tablets, smartphones and more, is not making our lives as easy as we might think. On the contrary, we are slaves to these small, yet very practical, but terribly intrusive objects. Just look on the street, 80% of the population move around with the phone permanently in their hand and the same 80% continue after returning home. Help!

- We become aware of what is essential and what is not
Spending time with your partner, offspring and those you love is a priority when it comes to your private life.
Staying later in the office to get ahead with your work is pointless, because there is no obligation, nor any urgency to do so and it is not a priority, in any case, it should not be...

-Manage your time
In order not to be overwhelmed, you have to organize yourself to take breaks, meditate, for relaxation, etc

- We learn to function with compartments in our brains
We tidy them, we sort them, we throw them away and/or we keep them, this is what is defined by the word "efficiency" both at home and in the office.

- Know how to say no
It's all about dosages. Privacy should not be sacrificed, but made as easy as possible through responsible behavior. What increases professional obligations must not exceed a certain threshold beyond which the word "no" is required.

Finally, we are tempted to tell you; Think of yourself, because you are worth it!