The Return of the Taliban: Lifting the Veil

Years of struggle and fighting, to get back to sq...

Taylor Swift Unmasked!

The new generation of the 21st century women's mo...

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When Lady Gaga Launched "The Body Revolution"

Proud of herself in all her forms, she breaks the...

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Tom Cruise and Scientology: A Long Lasting Story

I Convinced Scientologist, it's no longer a secre...

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Does the Devil Really Exist?

The Essence of the Devil! No theories about Lucif...

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Madonna Leaves the Kabbalah for Opus Dei

A true double promotion for the secret Catholic s...

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Why are we superstitious?

Wanting to rationalize luck is a natural behavior...

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Tops Actu

Pink October: Let's Fight Together against Breast Cancer!

As is the case every year, for the occasion of th...

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Are Hyaluronic Acid Injections Safe?

Hyaluronic acid injections- we look at the good, ...

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Pansexuality: Mistakenly Confused with Bisexuality!

A denomination to fight exclusion?

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The First Dating Sites for Unvaccinated People

The ins and outs of dating sites for antivaxxers!

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100% Women

Meryl Streep, Beloved Actress

A Suffragette who is Larger Than Life!

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The Mythical Tina Turner in Mantra Mode

When the Queen of Rock and Roll invites us for a ...

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#HeForShe! By Emma Watson

A muse in the defense of women's rights for a cam...

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Stand of the Stars

Angelina Jolie: 20 Years of Humanitarian Commitment

A very committed superwoman

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Marion Cotillard: Committed to The Planet

One of the artists who today, is most invested in...

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Don't Look Up, The Story of Cosmic Denial

The satirical comedy which is a worldwide succes...

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Sting and Raoni, a Long Lasting History

An Indian chief, ecological activist, and a world...

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