#HeForShe! By Emma Watson

A muse in the defense of women's rights, for a campaign that really is being talking about around the world

Violence against women is increasingly common. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the “HeForShe” movement really has had an impact in many countries. Don't know what it's all about? Want more information about this campaign? Find out about it here!

What is the “HeForShe” campaign?
The “HeForShe” campaign really took off when it was launched. Nevertheless, you should know that it is a campaign that advocates gender equality. The latter was launched by the UN Women's Ambassador, known as Emma Watson. It’s been some time now that you could see Emma as a young girl in the Harry Potter films. Emma Watson has truly become a muse in the defense of women's rights.
Although gender equality is highlighted within this campaign, it should still be noted that women's rights are widely defended as well. Women are therefore becoming aware that they can really take action against all these inequalities. It is therefore time to act together, following this campaign. Women want to be recognized for what they do.
Do you think you are alone in following this movement? You can easily go directly to the “HerForShe” site created directly by the UN: you will be able to see the number of people (men and women) who are committed to this cause.

Everything you need to know about Emma Watson's "HeForShe" campaign
"HeForShe" is a campaign that has been around for six years now. You should also know that it was Emma Watson herself who created this campaign, so that all women can easily identify with this desire to be equal to men. But following its creation, many extra partnerships have emerged too.
HeForShe has over 2 million activists. It invites men and women to stand in solidarity with women to create a more equal world. Many world leaders participate in regular HeForShe events. Other Celebrities have also spread the word by participating, or by sharing Information on their social media pages. Some top names include Harry Styles and Simon Pegg. 
Of course, if you want more information, it is always possible to go directly to the “HerForShe” website, so you can easily understand the campaign and the reach of what HeForShe does and the impact it has had for so many people in so many countries.