Everything You Need To Know About Yoga

Get in shape and stay well with Yoga!

8 Tips For A Zen Return From The School Holidays 

Here are our tips for a successful back-to-school...

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Should Children Follow A Vegetarian Diet?

Would you like your child to experience the benef...

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Well In My Mind And Well In My Body!

A healthy mind in a healthy body!

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Well Being

Our Well-Being Tips For The Summer

For a summer in great shape!

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Let's Spend The Summer Together on Womensdestiny!

All our editorial advice for a successful summer

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How The Moon Influences Us

If we believe the expression "affected by the ful...

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Why Is Friendship So Important?

Friendships are important for our health!

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The Interior Revolution of Krishnamurti

Could this great thinker help us overcome all our...

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Live In The Present Moment!

Live in the moment just for today... The art of l...

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Reincarnation: Do We Have Multiple Chances?

Have you ever had that feeling that you've been t...

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What Is a Spiritual Person?

We are not born spiritual, we become it

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How About Trying Some Buddhist Wisdom?

Buddhist wisdom as a way of life and thinking!

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Tai Chi Chuan: Real Benefits for Your Health!

Guarantee of health and longevity!

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 What Is Ashtanga Yoga?

And what if you could find your balance with the ...

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Kundalini Yoga And Awakening

Is yoga the holy grail of our balance?

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Pineapple- Mega Fruit Extraordinaire!

A summery fruit with very sweet notes

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The Ayurvedic Diet

Discover the 8 golden rules of the Ayurvedic diet

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What If We Said “Stop!” To Sugar?

We’re just too sweet!

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The Beneficial Actions of Avocado That You Didn’t Know

Avocado is THE healthy and trendy fruit par excel...

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