Is Optimism Contagious?

Optimism is probably contagious, but is it an attitude, or a state of mind associated with positive thinking?

Pharrell Williams claims to be an optimistic man in an interview which referred to a book we all know "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, which he says that reading it not only changed his life, but his whole perception of life. According to him, he became optimistic, with a new attitude.

According to Claire Rodgers, our life coach, it is also a matter of perception: why do some people always see the glass half empty when others see it half full?
We find that it doesn’t take a lot to be happy and as a bonus, to make those around us happy too. With happiness being such an important element in our lives, this is worth a shot!
Wouldn't it be great to feel that optimism and a zest for life are contagious and that, unintentionally, they are passed on to the people we communicate with on a daily basis?
Nowadays, many people have lost confidence in themselves and in the world around them due to personal difficulties and economic and political uncertainties in the world.
Being optimistic does not necessarily mean "seeing things through rose-tinted glasses," it is simply a characteristic that can be explained, even from a neurological point of view.
It is therefore scientifically proven that in people described as "optimistic," certain areas of the brain are activated more intensely.

~ Winston Churchill once said: attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

This attitude is to see things from a different angle.
A very simple example brings us to two individuals visualizing the same event. They give us a different type of explanation as to the perception of these events.

You've probably noticed that when you watch the news, some people don't have the same views, which we could translate as pessimistic behavior.
According to an American study, undeniable effects on health were found regarding optimism. In general, optimism could definitely be an indicator of good health.
Optimistic people have a much longer life expectancy, notice fewer physical symptoms, have far less stress, and suffer less from depression.
We understand that optimism is not a magical thought, optimistic people simply position themselves completely differently when faced with the problems they encounter.