Become The Artist of Your Life Once Again!

Art therapy is used to encourage personal growth and increase self-understanding

Art therapy is part of overall personal care, with no need to be talented or artistic, to enjoy the benefits of this practice.
Yes, you did read that correctly! No artistic talent is necessary for art therapy to succeed, because the therapeutic process does not concern the artistic value of the work, but rather the search for associations between the creative choices which are made. and the psyche of the patient...

Art therapy is an excellent lever for the conscience, used as a springboard to awaken memories and tell the story of a life which has a painful past, to bring forwards the messages and beliefs that our bodies often keep imprisoned in the subconscious. Solicited by imagination, intuition, thought and emotions, art therapy remains a process of affirmation and self-expression.

The application of art for therapeutic purposes is far from being a new concept.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung also experimented with the benefits of expression through drawing and never denied from incorporating it into his practice.

If art therapy is considered a form of psychotherapy, it is very interesting to know that it accompanies and aims to help children, adolescents and adults to give a truly comprehensive therapy.

Art therapy workshops are offered individually or collectively to explore the emotions that can help achieve different therapeutic goals such as raising self-esteem, learning to manage any form of addiction, reducing stress, alleviation of symptoms of anxiety and depression and can help confront physical illness, even disability.

Art therapy is a growing field that is increasingly accepted and practiced by art therapists.

Therapeutic results:
Like all other forms of psychotherapy and counselling, art therapy is used to encourage personal growth and increase self-understanding.

So, be bold, be creative, be expressive and try art therapy!