The Meaning of Light

Need some light?

Let's turn to light therapy and let the light in!

Anadi Martel, does that name mean anything to you?
In this article, we will highlight the luminous thoughts of a man who is as solar as he is mysterious. A man who revolutionized and upset the conceptions of the sun, light and colors.
Author of the famous book "The Power of Light," this physicist by training is one of the founders of the International Light Association, of which he is the president today. The power of light is a real encyclopedia of light therapy, which stands out for its density of information and the depth of its observations.
The field of light therapy intrigued and fascinated this man, pushing him to improve his scientific point of view, establishing contacts with leading researchers from all over the world.
In his book "The Power of Light,"he presents an overview and has been able to shed direct light on all the questions that we all ask ourselves about light therapy, so it goes without saying that he can give us some pretty juicy information!
From the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks, he reminds us that sunlight could cure many ailments and that this practice was more commonly known as heliotherapy. It reminds us of the well-known and scientifically recognized reality of the action of light on our hormonal balance, the function of the hypothalamus, as well as its action on cellular metabolism.
This is a fascinating book that tells us what we would like to know and more, about the importance of light in our lives, and its multiple and indispensable health benefits. A powerful healing activator, he also knows how to emphasize the meaning of spontaneous or spiritual healing or even the placebo effect.
Belgian studies have, for example, proven that light therapy was effective in reducing symptoms related to sleep disorders, depression and the consequences of jetlag for travelers. And according to these studies, it is estimated that between 60% and 80% of patients are receptive and obtain benefits from light therapy.

To conclude in light
It is always good to remember that light remains mysterious and still fascinates a good number of scientists, even if you have understood it well, much remains to be proven. Dr. Niels Finsen (Nobel Prize Winner 1903) pioneered lamp therapy, which led to the development of phototherapy and light therapy to treat physical and mental illnesses.
Finally, I can't finish without adding a thought for Einstein, a man who devoted so much effort to analyzing it, and despite more than 50 years of studying it, said that the real nature of light was still just as inaccessible to him. and much more than just mysterious.
Yes, light therapy is excellent for your health! Let light enter your life and your body. Well-being stores are full of all these objects that will find a home in your interior. But the key is as simple as opening your window and letting your skin enjoy the daylight or just a nice walk in nature or by the sea.

Good to know: Dr. Jacob Liberman, another world reference in light therapy, author of "Light: Medicine of the Future" wrote an equally fascinating book that also gives us great illumination!