Spring Sun, Your Health Partner

Sunshine, mild temperatures, flowering trees and singing birds, the Spring Sun is your friend!

The sun, mild temperatures, flowering trees and singing birds, the spring sun is the friend who wishes you well!

While spring awakens our senses, the sun plays a significant role in our health and our morale.

According to a study by the French Academy of Medicine (AMF), more than 80% of the Western population, or 8 out of 10 people, suffer from a vitamin D deficiency each year after winter. People who are deficient in vitamin D may be more affected by depression and anxiety.

Let’s discover the positive effects of spring together:
The arrival of spring obviously announces the first exposure to the sun, but what is so special about the sun?

During this season it has been scientifically proven that the sun is really beneficial and the quantity of photons acts on our mood.
This cradle of light that is slightly perceptible from the first half of February is a real vitality cure.
Particularly generous in UVB rays, the spring sun is far from being aggressive and also allows us to fill up with vitamin D.
We all know this vitamin for its essential role in bone metabolism.
It is be necessary to expose yourself for a long time, but rather with regularly.
At moderate doses, UVB rays allow the synthesis of vitamin D, "a quarter of an hour a day is enough".
But the sun will not be enough to meet our needs, as this contribution is only in the order of 80%, we recommend full magnetization.

There are few foods rich in vitamin D, so be sure to include a majority of oily fish (salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, etc.) on your daily menus, and dairy products, not to mention dark chocolate for the most greedy, choose a dark chocolate, composed of at least 40% cocoa, to guarantee an optimal vitamin D content.

In practice… let's give preference to meals on the terrace and coffee in the sun, and give preference to walking to keep you oxygenated too.

In short, do not deprive yourself of all these moments that are good for your body while being your partner to be in good spirits.