Walking: An Essential Practice

There's no point in running!

Was Hippocrates right when he said that "walking is the best medicine for man?"
Very often, having arrived at a disruption of our biological rhythms and to many health problems, it is not uncommon to see the benefits of walking, in certain articles and various media sources, better known under the pleonasm of going for a walk!
At a time when everything is accelerating in the urban noise department, the rhythm of modern societies cuts us off from these natural cycles and very often leads us to a physiological as well as physical but also psychological imbalance.
We are an integral part of nature, so through the seasons, our organism follows the seasonal cycles. Even though our needs change with each season, physical adaptation is necessary to get away from the routine calls of everyday life.
To stay in shape and to keep a smile on your face, it is advisable to practice certain sports activities, including walking. Whether by the sea or in a park, walking is a complete sport that provides many benefits to the body and is the privileged health partner of the brain. According to Dr Guillaume Schneider-Maunoury, “walking releases the endorphins that contribute to our feelings of well-being, allows us to better position ourselves in our life and reinforces our self-esteem.”
This letting go and this body/mind interaction is indeed unique. You just need to walk 30 to 40 minutes several times a week to feel the benefits.

"I decompress, I feel much more peaceful and it allows me to see to see my life more clearly. When I walk, time stands still, I try to be mindful of the nature that is around me. The sound of waves or the singing of birds, I am comfortable in every landscape and my five senses are heightened with each journey," Pascale tells us.

Off to the woods!
Go green, walk in the forest to relax or even more so at altitude. Exposure to nature and to the organic compounds which are present in the forests or mountains, resulting from the metabolism of trees, herbs, and flowers, can have a real impact on reducing stress. It can improve the activity of lymphocytes, these natural killers involved in the fight against cancer.

I do like to be beside the seaside
Walking by the sea is excellent. Especially if you can do it with your feet in the water, the body benefits from minerals and trace elements that are valuable for health. A gentle physical activity, walking, like most sports, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by strengthening our immune system. And always, if the temperature allows it, the water, with its freshness, also improves blood circulation. And the last little gift of water is the cellulite draining effect, just like a massage!

In short, walking is both an extraordinary natural tranquilizer and a formidable cognitive booster. Nature offers us sumptuous pictures; all you have to do is open your eyes. A reconnection to the essential. Walking can offer you new and unexpected horizons!

Have you convinced yourself? All you have to do is practice!
So, go ahead, walk on!