Well In My Mind And Well In My Body!

A healthy mind in a healthy body!

Well in my mind and well in my body, this is above all about knowing yourself and choosing what makes you feel good and doing it in a personalized way.

It is also and above all, the idea of a completely symbiotic connection between the mind and the body, hence the adage a healthy mind in a healthy body.
We therefore need to choose one or more activities that suit us and which allow us to find a balance between our minds and our bodies. You do not need to go to practice or attend seminars that do not suit you, and that do not resonate with you! However, let's not forget the classics!

Today we can all discover hobbies and sports that combine:

•    Body and mind at the same time, with more or less moderate physical work and mental relaxation, which is often achieved through breathing..
•    Yoga, meditation, stretching, sophrology, dance therapy, art therapy and laughter therapies, Tai chi, Qi Gong and many more…
•    Mind and Body, independently from one another
•    The body with sport in all of its forms (pilates, muscle strengthening, running, hiking etc…)
•    The mind in reading, atristic activities such as pottery, theater, painting, silvotherapy for nature lovers….

Two people share two different stories, an original practice and a classic practice...

Emily tells us about her unexpected encounter with Qi Gong, the alliance of the mental and postural with a touch of ancestral!

My mother-in-law told me about Qi Gong as having the basis of martial arts and all the benefits of these. I admit, she bothered me going on about Qi Gong! Until that famous day when, being a volunteer in an association, I found myself in a large square where a Qi Gong master was demonstrating. That day, I let myself go and concentrated on his gaze. A very powerful moment, when I felt fully connected with this stranger who gave me a wonderful mental break which linked my body and my mind!

Moral of the story: I discovered my hobby because I was ready on that particular day and no other. Thank you for this lesson, where I learned to let go of my prejudices and to open up my mind even more!"

Marie shares with us her passion for reading, her evening escape to soothe her wandering spirit ...

Reading is my haven of peace. I'm quite a hyperactive young woman and I tend to get bored quickly. Having a good knowledge of myself, I know that I can quickly switch to being hyper!! I’m not talking about hypermarkets, far from it, because I avoid places where crowds are present. No, I'm talking about hypersensitivity and hyper-empathy. Having a tendency to be speedy in my mental cogitations, reading, yoga and meditation allow me to understand when I question myself, to nourish myself intellectually and spiritually, to calm down my body after traveling or simply to get rid of all kinds of resentment.

In summary, reading, Yoga and meditation are my daily ally and a very good outlet. I can even say that yoga and meditation have changed my life

My favorite Reading material among others….

  • Raphaëlle GIORDANO: "Your second life begins when you understand that you only have one" Thank you for this beautiful lesson against routinology!
  • Laurent GOUNELLE: "The man who wanted to be happy" Thank you for this trip to the heart of the island of Bali, a beautiful invitation to approach personal development in a novel.

The advice from Womensdestiny:
List the activities that could suit you and set a goal over time to try them, because he who dares to try it gets the experience, and getting the experience means acting for yourself.

Take your physical condition into account.

Do not forget about a healthy and balanced diet.