Live In The Present Moment!

Live in the moment just for today... The art of living

Living in the present moment could be the key to having a spiritual awakening, leading to profound changes in our way of thinking and our understanding of daily life.
When you are at work, you dream of being on vacation, don't you?
And when you are on vacation, you think of going back to work.
We usually dwell on intrusive memories of our past and worry about  projections about our future.
The past is a memory and the future has not yet arrived. Although we continually dwell on aspects of our past, whether consciously or unconsciously, we integrate them into the present moment, thus becoming a slave to our minds.
And the same goes for our thoughts about the future, where fear and anguish are necessarily linked to the future. Could we just say that the past has eluded us and the future is not ours?
To live in the present, is to die in the past, expresses Jiddu Krishnamurti in his teaching.
This process of understanding yourself allows you to escape the hold of the past, that is, your conditioning…

How can you maintain this state of consciousness in everyday life?
Life takes place in the present. Every so often, we let the present slip away, allowing time to run at full speed, leaving no trace, wasting precious seconds of our lives as we worry about the future and ruminate on the past.

Eckhart Tolle in his book “the power of the present moment” emphasizes what he calls the dysfunction of the mind and the unconscious, thus summarizing the sufferings of the mind and giving the solution to free it: it is compulsive thinking, that is, our inability to hold back from thinking that causes unnecessary pain and trouble.

How to free oneself from the mind?
If you've never heard of mindfulness, it is the practice of being present in the present moment, it is also the epitome of what meditation practices.
Obviously it takes a bit of discipline and practice in paying more attention, which inherently means learning and practicing in order to be more present in the present moment.

Time is precious, so is living in the moment like being in those slower moments of life? And would being present in the moment through different support techniques such as meditation and relaxation, allow us to be in total opposition to all these ailments of the century such as stress, anxiety and depression?

The only condition is to put an end to this space-time which is undoubtedly be the only way to make the most out of life.
In summary, we note that several books and videos on the net continue to emphasize the meaning of happiness, going through all our ways of thinking by suggesting that we free ourselves from the known, in order to be able to live in the present moment: the story of living one day at a time.

Two authors whose works are now Best Sellers such as: "The Meaning of Happiness" and "Freeing yourself from the Known" by Jiddu Krishnamurti.

And "The Power of the Now" - Eckhart Tolle's Guide to Spiritual Awakening.