What Your Aches And Pains Are Telling You

Everything which can’t be explained is explained!

I shall start this article with the support of a bestseller that has sold more than 600,000 copies It’s by Michel Odoul, who offers his readers a perfect practical manual for anyone looking for the keys to decoding the signs given by our bodies. In “What your aches and pains are telling you: cries of the Body, Messages from the Soul,” Odoul looks at different emotional and mental tensions and how they can create and contribute to different illnesses. 

The cries of the body are messages from the soul...
Odoul is also pretty precise. He goes into great details about different ailments and illnesses, from allergies and skin disorders to backache. From migraines to sciatica, even explaining cancer.

According to him, these are messages from our souls, deep issues within ourselves that are seeking expression. The body is not just a "vehicle", it is interesting to consider it as an emotional temple where a lot of information is stored, often coming from the outside.

All unspoken and unexpressed emotions are transformed over time into all kinds of issues. Emotions generate physical symptoms, for example, fear and anguish give heart palpitations, dizziness, sweats, tremors or sweaty hands. But other symptoms such as back pain, low back pain, scoliosis, herniated discs, also have specific interpretations. But then what about it?

Could we heal ourselves simply by becoming aware of our conscious and unconscious emotional blockages?

Could it really be as simple as that?

Here is the testimony of Nathalie 45 years old, suffering from a severe scoliotic complaint since her childhood and a herniated disc.

The editorial staff: when you were diagnosed with your herniated disc, what did you think? Did you visit a doctor or surgeon?

Nathalie: when I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, it was suggested that I see a surgeon, which I did. And of course, he told me that we had to operate quickly. I talked about it with my friends and family and the opinions varied enormously. Some told me to have surgery, others to absolutely not have it… I was lost! Until the day when a friend told me, you should read the book: " What your aches and pains are telling you ". It was a real revelation. I realized that what he was describing in this book was not insignificant, moreover, it really resonated with me.

Eastern medicine has been interested in this phenomenon for millennia and Western medicine, for its part, tends to separate body from mind.

In summary, physical symptoms are intimately linked to thought and emotions. It could be enough to listen to our body to perceive this process.

"If a herniated disc is the symbol of a person who bears the brunt of the world on their back, we have not only made a medical link between the state of our microbiota and our mood, but also our eating behavior.” Yes, everything is connected! So. a bit of open-mindedness, a good dose of relaxation and yoga, all followed by a healthy diet, could well save us from little injuries of all kinds... Even save our life, or at least extend it .

This approach does not seek to replace medical treatment or the advice of a doctor. This method may help as a preventative to illness, in the same kind of preventive medicines such as Ayurvedic medicine, which has been advocated for the state of body-mind consciousness for many millenia, by keeping a balance in one's physical, psychological and spiritual life.