Let's Reconcile Nature And Health With Shamanic Medicine

When a human being is considered to be a component of nature

Welcome my dear ladies! Today we will explain the very relevant association between nature and health, and how shamanism is integrated into it.

To the average person in the western world, Shamanism can seem a little far-fetched. Shamanism encompasses not just one technique, but many. At its base, it is a form of energy healing, using energy from the natural elements, the earth, nature, but also a connection with the spirit world. Shamanism concerns connection, and ancestral memory is often an important part of this.

In reality, Shamanism is practiced by accessing a modified state of consciousness (the impression of detaching oneself from one's own consciousness, thus allowing one to enjoy a different relationship to the world, to one's body, one's identity). Most shamans begin a ritual by using some kind of form of meditation to open up their energy. This act, carried out with great care, is none other than a phenomenon of trance. The rise to this state of trance is produced through various techniques and these very much depend on the environment of the culture and ideology where the Shaman has learned their skills. For example, the changing of consciousness may be achieved through a kind rotative dance using percussive music. In addition, this process is sometimes achieved through the use of psychoactive substances, which act on the central nervous system by modifying the physiological and biochemical processes of the brain). 

Many connections have been achieved by shamans and natives and the techniques vary from culture to culture. Relationships have been established between certain plants and certain animals, thanks to their shapes, their colors, or their biotopical make up (the living environment of living organisms defined by physical and chemical characteristics). In doing this, different healing processes can be established.

In conclusion,  this shamanic medicine is carried out in full consciousness and without destroying nature, which is the most essential tool for man.

If the balance of the cycle of development of plants and animals is not respected by the little humans that we are, then the balance gets out of kilter. Overfishing, over-hunting, over-consumption, not allowing the reproduction of certain living organisms, yet they are necessary for our food and the regeneration of phenomena essential to our survival (allowing us to breathe for example, frankly it seems very important to me, all the same!)

Solutions exist, as described previously via these natives, in connection with their environment, by their adaptation within their ecosystem. Very different from our way of acting: consider dominating your environment to better reign over it!