Laughter Therapy

It's great fun and good for your health too!

Do you remember the last time you really laughed? Maybe it was some time ago? If so, it’s time to smile and above all, to laugh!Discover the benefits here, you will be surprised!

Lasting therapy!
A little-known therapy… And a lack of recognition?
The evolution of various techniques can take a long time. Psychoanalysis, hypnosis, cognitive and behavioral counseling are recognized as accepted schools of thought.
But laughter therapy is not listed among them just yet!
Cut down stress and negativity with this therapy that has all the right qualities for happiness and success!

Let's begin with a little discussion on the hormones that are concerned.
Noradrenaline ... this naughty little thing!
The sympathetic nervous system triggers the automatic reactions of our body, without the intervention of our will, and induces the release of noradrenaline into the blood. Notably, this happens via the adrenal glands, which are located above the kidneys.
This good friend is norepinephrine (which is also known as noradrenaline) and it causes the acceleration of respiratory and cardiac rhythm.
Dopamine for joy
Produced in the upper part of the brainstem, it allows us to experience pleasant emotions and joy.
Don't mess with Acetylcholine...
It is the turn of the parasympathetic system (antagonist of the sympathetic system) to take over, by ensuring the transmission of this hormone in the body. It releases contracted muscles and creates the inhibition of cardiac activity.
The sympathetic system also causes release into the blood created by the adrenal cells. It causes an acceleration of the heart rate, an increase in blood pressure and dilation of the pupils. Excitement is at a climax…
Serotonin ... this sweet nursery rhyme
This causes a good mood effect and promotes sleep..
The divine Endorphins
They have an analgesic action (calming of pain), while slowing down the respiratory rhythm, giving us an effect of well-being.
That's where Bob Marley's Positive Vibrations come from!
Now that we have seen these important hormones, let's go through the pure and hard facts of what happens during laughter.
The autonomic nervous system (responsible for the functions which are not subject to voluntary control) is associated with the action of laughter. This causes the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine into the bloodstream.

Adrenaline induces an increase in the excitability of the body. As for norepinephrine, it causes the constriction of the arteries. That's why our blood pressure and heart rate increases.
Finally, glucose is liberated abundantly into the blood, generating a message which orders the release of endorphins into the blood, which concentrate on the pain receptors (thus inhibiting the perception of pain).
Interesting. We can now see that laughter actually creates useful functions in the physical body. But, where does laughter therapy come from?

The EMSB, the principle with 4 key elements:
EMOTIONS: emotional intelligence and hygiene
MENTAL: humor, positive psychology, neuroscience
SPIRIT: mindfulness, playful sophrology, relaxation, visualization, meditation
BODY: laughter, games, songs, dances, rhythms, clowns and laughter yoga

Elements straight out of therapy...
Dating from 2002,  Corinne Cosseron was the instigator of  laughter yoga in France, who consequently developed this new therapy.
To overcome the problems of expression and release of emotions, she set up this therapy combining a laughter yoga session and laughing meditation.
Emotional release and mindfulness are de rigueur, in order to give our bodies the expression of natural laughter and our joie de vivre.
In addition, the techniques taught during this therapy are easy to achieve, allowing the participants rapid appropriation of the different exercises, as well as the possibility of repeating them outside the workshops taught in laughter therapy.

A long-lasting therapy! Hahahahahahaha! (I'm already feeling better...!)