Positive Thinking:Try Out The Coué Method!

Autosuggestion works wonders, let's adopt positive thinking together!

Do you know the Coué method?
Do you use it?

A pioneer of behavioral psychology and of positive thinking, let's discover the benefits of this method together here.
The Coué Method consists of convincing yourself that if you are satisfied, you will actually be satisfied.
It is an effective approach to building self-confidence...
"Every day, from all points of view, I'm getting better and better."
We will first take a skeptical look at the credibility of such a method, which is based on imagination and autosuggestion.

Knowing that it is now used in personal development techniques and studied in neuroscience, the programming of the brain according to the Coué method, can have both physical and psychological impacts.

What if self-control through conscious autosuggestion could actually change our lives?

Let's take a closer look at this story:
Successfully welcomed in the USA and in Germany, the Coué method did not obtain the same success everywhere, and yet it gave birth to many other tools for personal development much later on, in particular positive thinking, autosuggestion, sophrology and many other methods frequently used as tools in coaching.
Its creator was Emile Coué, born in Troyes in France, in1857. Coming from a middle class family, he could not afford to pursue the major studies he wanted. His dream was to be able to be a chemist.
But with the help of a pharmacist from Troyes, who took him on as an apprentice, he managed to work with chemistry. He managed to get his pharmacist's license in 1882 and took over the pharmacy in Troyes.
He quickly realized as he went through his experiences, that he had the opportunity to bring about the convalescence of his clients.His method would then take shape on the basis of autosuggestion. He  succeeded in persuading the sick that they could recover.
He also used self-hypnosis as a complementary method.
Thereafter he  gave away free examinations in Nancy, where he settled.
His research is not known, but with the help of a philosophy student named Charles Baudouin, his method would be discovered all over the world, via the publication of his thesis.

Success happened and Emile Coué then travelled the world to give conferences and this attracted many foreign clients to the city of Nancy.
His method would unfortunately be cataloged as being fabrications by France, who would never admit his work. He therefore went into exile abroad. Only Germany and the United States would accept his method and he was received with enthusiasm, especially in the United States.

The Coué method is the source of several methods such as sophrology, positive thinking and visualization ...
This made it possible to define that each person has a conscious and a subconscious and that we are able to suggest things to the subconscious, using thoughts and their way of visualizing events.
This suggestion can be negative or positive.

Become aware of the effectiveness of suggestion and action:
For example, when you are not feeling well, you can envisage your convalescence in order to be able to heal.
This system made it possible to increase the effect of the medication used. Coué also invented the use of a placebo to treat people.
His last book, published in 1926, "Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion" follows the main idea that our actions are directed by our imagination and not by our intentions.
Since its disappearance, the Coué method has been wasting away to the point of no longer being practiced at all.

Later, another Coué method would be born, advocating the fact that everyone can convince themselves or motivate themselves, in order to acquire and assimilate anything that one wishes and that it is necessary only to convince yourself that this is becoming reality.
The advice from Womensdestiny;
We advise you to adopt positive thinking as soon as you wake up.
Here are some sentences that follow the Coué method that we invite you to repeat to yourself every day, so that they can illuminate your days and your desires.
Words can relieve you of your stress, and autosuggestion can be a real tonic.

Here are examples of positive thoughts for each situation:

Universal phrases:
Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better.
Today is a beautiful day
I like what I see.
I love myself as I am
I am happy

To express self-confidence:
I trust myself more and more.
My self-confidence is improving day by day.
The lifestyle I have chosen is right for me.
I accept myself as I am and appreciate who I am.

To let go:
I say yes to what is.
I accept who I am and appreciate myself for who I am.
I trust life and life gives it back to me.