The NSA! No Stress Attitude

Already understanding why we are stressed is the battle partially won!

It's just out of habit
Sleep problems and fatigue, tensions, anxieties, and addictions, lack of confidence and self-esteem... In our hectic lives, it's not always easy to make sense of things. "Often it starts with a traffic jam, then I rush for fear of being late, then I start work with the annoying customers of the day," says Estelle.

Is stress poisoning your life? And what if you opt for the NSA: the “No Stress Attitude?”
Antidote: I break the chain and I stop the neural flow
Many of us have tried all sorts of things to eliminate stress, but do we have the right attitude to avoid getting weighed down with it during the day? Being happy, and getting rid of stress, is everyone's desire. Changing these attitudes is a demanding and long-term job, however it also brings a lot of satisfaction, and it saves us feeling like, "I'm tired, and the weather is crap..."
The cause of stress can be due to a bad organization of your day or of your priorities. In this article, you will discover how to avoid escalation and that the priority is you!

It all starts with me!
If there is a problem, there is a solution: and it is with the implementation of solutions that we approach using new ways of thinking.
The most peaceful people in this world are guided by a line of conduct. Some have followed lessons from others, others from the school of life. To each his own story, to each his own beliefs.
Yes, beliefs influence our lives and direct us. Some authors speak of inner revolution, for example, in many of his works, Krishnamurti proposes to make the changes yourself and to address a philosophy of escape, where looking into one's inner self is the key to the functioning of the mind.
Krishnamurti: When one observes one's thoughts, there is greater stress, greater conflict. Why is this happening? When you observe your thinking why should there be stress? There is stress, tension, conflict, because you look at your thoughts with the eyes of condemnation, comparison, judgement, you are not observing.
Do you recognise that urge to bite your tongue and not say how you are feeling? An absurd and time-consuming process that serves no purpose! Fortunately, the Toltecs kindly invite us to close our mouths as soon as we are stressed.

Here is Don Miguel Ruiz's technique of autosuggestion with the 4 Toltec agreements, a powerful code of conduct capable of transforming our lives into an experience of freedom, true happiness and love. The 4 Toltec agreements bring us back to reality, to what each of us is today, here and now, while watching our words.
1- Let your word be impeccable.
2- Whatever happens, don't make it personal.
3- Don't make assumptions.
4- Always do your best.

We could not end this article without mentioning Buddhist wisdom.
The teachings of the Dalai Lama focus on the positive effect that emotions like empathy and compassion can have on our ability to achieve happiness. Nowadays, there is a growing recognition, along with a growing body of scientific evidence, that there is a strong link between our state of mind and our happiness and stressors. Having a realistic vision and cultivating the right motivation can also protect you from any feelings of fear or anxiety. Dalai Lama. Read more about Buddhist philosophy in our article " How about trying some Buddhist wisdom"
The No Stress Attitude is quite simply another way of seeing things, another way of seeing life with a deep detachment from the real dimension of this world.

Another fresh perspective:
It is important to adopt the No Stress attitude to have a fresh perspective. We see and hear what we want. We are quite capable of making our own choices. I assure you that living without stress seems almost impossible and I am even afraid that it would be a little sad.
The most important thing is not to let this state continue, and to do this, the philosophy of the present moment is very comfortable, so it’s no wonder that the most connected spiritual teacher in America with his book “ The Power of the Present Moment” by Eckart Tollé, has sold millions of copies worldwide. The author wishes to show us how to leave a life full of anguish and worries, or even full of regrets and suffering behind, thanks to the power of the present moment. Translated into more than fifteen languages, his teaching is also given in very popular workshops across the Atlantic.
We constantly avoid living in the present, truly being present in every moment of our lives. So yes, the key to the No Stress Attitude is the present moment, and the present moment is the key to happiness. Surely, it’s worth giving it a go!

A spiritual and/or philosophical point of view as you want it, but very comforting all the same.
Just for today I choose NSA: The “No Stress Attitude!”