How to fight against stress?

Stress is everywhere! How can you manage it?

Like a good little cooked meal, everyone has their own recipe. We are all unique and due to each person’s individual sensitivity, the answer is not the same.

That said, a course of action can help us all: to be proactive about your Stress-Attitude, act to stop or to no longer create stress and react constructively when stress has taken hold of you, in order to do better next time! Stress is an oxidative of the body and of the mind! The Womensdestiny Editorial team offers you a non-exhaustive list, because we are well aware of the complexity of this subject and that there are multiple possibilities for dealing with the subject of "how can we fight stress?"

An anti-stress ritual?
Already a quick question: how do I start my day?
If you are always in a good mood, you're in luck! For all the others, I understand, I sympathize and I share! So, now set up a 100% well-being morning routine. I recondition myself, I take action and I give myself at least 5 minutes every day and I do not deviate from it, no pretext, I always give myself at least 5 minutes to stress out, so, I can also decide to have at least 5 minutes to be positive! And yes, it is by learning how to forge that you become a blacksmith.

When? During breakfast, in the car, before getting out of bed, while brushing your teeth, in the shower, whenever!

How Or What? With thoughts that bring joy to my heart from reading a little journal of daily, spiritual, positive reflections; thanks to mantra repetitions if you are drawn to Hinduism or Buddhism, the Coué method, mini-videos on your smartphone, calming sounds etc ... The choice of supports are very varied and can be chosen and consumed without moderation!

Emotional management?
The stress starts to build, I stop my bike, I get off, I take off my sunglasses and put on the right glasses suitable for my blurred vision! I look at the situation as it is and not as I see it or feel it. Exiting my emotions, I take a step back, I observe the moment, the trigger, and I observe myself from afar in this context by extracting myself from any emotional state : a sacred exercise which requires training but which works with intention and with regularity.
In short, self-control, understanding your emotions, self-awareness, and managing relationships.

Stress-related hyperventilation: we can all take action
"Slow, deep, abdominal breathing, and therefore quite the opposite of hyperventilation, is the first thing I recommend to my patients," says psychiatrist Dominique Servant, head of the Stress and Anxiety unit of the Lille University Hospital and author of a practical book on this technique*. Practising this long breathing technique for a few minutes will balance the autonomic nervous system, which regulates all of our major functions like the heart.”

The power of autosuggestion to counter stress….
And why not ... we could, without wanting to embody Xena the warrior, create a symbolic shield or slip a small reassuring object into our bag: a photo, a stone, a coin, crystals, etc ...

Yes, yes, let's not be ashamed, a kind of  lucky charm or totem which lifts our spirits and which prevents us from looking grimly in the face of stress!!