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Virgo : What do the stars have in store for you?

23 August


22 September

Love life

If you are in a relationship, your love life will be somewhat hectic throughout the month. The influence of Mars will cause a need for freedom which will be strongly felt at the beginning of the month... After a few storms and arguments with your partner, you should regain your spirits and get off to a fresh start on a good footing. Singles, you will be more interested in your private life this month. Even if you don't always achieve your goals, you will get close after May 20th.

At work

Mercury sets the tone for the month of May. You have the wind in your sails to give substance to your ideas, to get results, and your initiatives will pay off. A certain impatience somewhat spoils your lucidity, but do not hesitate and go for it! Keep your eyes and ears open, and keep working hard. The stars might reward you in an unexpected way!


You're in good shape and your morale is good too. No particular concerns to have at this time.

Your trump cards, or not

Even if the planetary conjuncture bears witness to complex situations, you will be carried by the love of the people who are close to you.

Lucky number


Quote of the Month

A girl becomes a woman when she learns to love herself more than she loves a man.

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