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Libra : What do the stars have in store for you?

23 September


23 October

Love life

The stars are favorable to you throughout the month, in love as well as in relationships. If you are already with someone, your love life should be fluid this month. Your partner will give you a beautiful proof of attachment, something to delight you. Singles, you will have to make difficult and unusual decisions for sure, to ensure that you give yourself every chance to have love in your life the way you want it.

At work

You're trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear… Of course, the opposition of the planets in your astral sky will do nothing to help that. Do not turn down a reality check, it will allow you to see things more clearly. But in any case, you will have to be adaptable if you want to achieve your goals. Don't worry, you'll be up to it!


Turn to your favorite hobbies to take your mind off things. You really need to.

Your trump cards, or not

You have decided not to look at your past anymore and you are right. Let’s go!!!

Lucky number


Quote of the Month

The woman I was yesterday, introduced me to the woman I am today; which makes me very excited about meeting the woman I will become tomorrow. 

Poetic Evolution
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