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Leo : What do the stars have in store for you?

23 July


22 August

Love life

The first two weeks of the month could be complicated if you are in a relationship... Tense relations, jealousy, and impatience are to be expected. You will understand some of your partner's needs. You will realize that you have to turn the page on old habits to move forward. Singles, you feel that romantic relationships are at the heart of your expectations. You want to stabilize your love life and create a lasting relationship... at first sight!

At work

The twists and turns brought about by Mercury serve your interests very well. Try to plan the maximum number of projects or the most important events during this month, because you are sure of positive results. You multiply your activities, will accumulate projects and with a little bit more luck, will have an increase in income.


Radiant energy, super morale, you lack nothing. You are on top form, Leo!

Your trump cards, or not

What a release for you, you finally understand the meaning of enlightened and moderate selfishness.

Lucky number


Quote of the Month

Sometimes the people whom we've known for only a short amount of time have a bigger impact on us than those we've known forever. -Maya Angelou

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