Therapy Through Sound: Tibetan Singing Bowls

Harmonize your inner song!

The Tibetan Secret to regenerate you!
Did you know that no one really knows the origin of Tibetan singing bowls?
They were allegedly introduced during the Bronze Age by blacksmith shamans from Mongolia.
They have been widely used for centuries in Nepal and Tibet especially by Buddhist monks.
For the common people, these are simply dishes turned into musical instruments, but there is a deeper meaning, and this is only used by shamans and high-ranking monks.
The bowls used are often double-walled and made of an alloy of 7 rare metals, whose individual vibrations correspond to the different chakras.
For this reason, the subtle vibrations of Tibetan bowls have powerful effects to regenerate you and to help you find serenity and well-being on a daily basis.
Using sounds and music for therapeutic purposes is nothing new, it is even one of the oldest known methods.

Singing bowls are traditionally made of 7 metals representing the 7 planets of the Solar System:
•    Gold (the Sun)
•    Silver (the Moon)
•    Mercury (Mercury)
•    Copper (Venus)
•    Iron (Mars)
•    Tin (Jupiter)
•    Lead (Saturn)

Use and benefits:
Each sound has its own vibratory properties that act differently on the entire physical or energy body.
Much like a piano, your body needs to be well-tuned in order to function at its peak, and to initiate its natural process of healing.
Singing bowls emit a vibration that is felt by our body, especially at the energy points that are the chakras.
So for the bowls, we are talking about sounds, not music.
We were able to measure the waves emitted by the vibratory singing of the Tibetan bowls. Thus, it has been scientifically observed that among the different types of singing bowls, all emit a wave pattern identical to the alpha waves produced by the brain.
It is exactly as if you are immersed in a bath of meditative frequencies!
Tibetan bowls recreate the original harmonic frequency and stimulate the body to regain its own frequency.
The body will then synchronize with the frequency of the bowl and resonate again in accordance with the subtle bodies.
To accompany you in your meditation sessions.
The singing bowl promotes inspiration and relaxation.