Salt Lamps And Their Benefits

The decorative object with relaxing virtues!

The origin
According to legend, a young Hungarian princess named Kinga received an engagement ring from the Polish prince Boleslas, which she accidentally dropped into a well, near a salt mine offered to her by her father, King Béla, just before she set off for her wedding. Shortly before reaching Krakow, the journey being long and tiring, the procession stopped for the last time. Not finding enough water to quench her entourage and animals, the princess ordered a well to be dug where she was, near the village of Wieliczka. It was then that one of the men felt while digging that he was hitting against something very hard: he pulled up a large lump of salt, inside of which the lost engagement ring sparkled. The ring, miraculously washed away by the rock salt deposits, had moved to Wieliczka (a city in Poland).
Since the dawn of this legend, a large number of young Polish women who want to get married, always carry a piece of orange salt crystal with them.

Its composition
The lamp is made of rock salt dating back more than 200 million years. These lamps disperse a soft, soothing and calming orange light in our environment.
The salt crystal block features various veins, mottling and colors created by nature.
This makes each lamp unique in its shape and color.

How it works
The salt crystal emits negative ions. Its presence promotes the reestablishment of the balance between positive ions and negative ions. All you have to do is simply place the lamp where you want to benefit from its virtues.

Its virtues
The salt lamp helps fight insomnia and stress.
It purifies the atmosphere with its depolluting power.
It combines chromotherapy:
the orange color promotes creativity and relaxation
-the white color facilitates and promotes meditation
The natural mix of white and orange colors creates a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.