Feng Shui And Love

A Fulfilling Love Life With Feng Shui

Did you know that your home can have an influence on you and your relationships?
Did you know that organizing your living space can bring you a harmonious love life or, on the contrary, create blockages that prevent you from living the relationship of your dreams?
Our editor here at Womensdestiny looks at very alternative method, which I hope will help you to solve any tensions in your relationships, to bring greater happiness with your loved one, or will simply put you on the right path to finding love, using Feng-Shui decoration techniques.

An age-old Chinese science, Feng-Shui is theoretically used in the layout of your home. This involves creating energy in a living space, in order to have improvement in many different aspects of life, including relationships.
The Chinese have also used it to "sustain" marital relationships for over 3500 years. This Chinese discipline of Zen, is based on two main principles: The balance of Yin and Yang and the proper use of the five elements: water, earth, fire, air and metal (see our article on Feng Shui for more details).

Feng- shui and changes:

Cleaning up, tidying up and sorting out…and what if Feng-Shui could help you meet the soul mate?
What can we do to make stimulating and energizing changes, to rid ourselves of stress and enjoy life more, thus allowing long awaited love to come in?
The answer is obvious: using Feng-Shui in our living space, so that it supports the process from beginning to end and allows new dynamics to take place smoothly.
We should consider any opportunity for radical change as an opportunity in our lives, and an invitation to take the plunge!
If you want to go on through life with everything that you have accumulated so far, as if nothing has changed, your old demons will resurface and generate problems and tensions.

You must create a new space. And in doing this, you become a new person.
You will need to bring a new atmosphere to your bedroom, so often a lot of work is needed to achieve this.
Sometimes without realizing it, we tend to accumulate and keep objects, jewelry and other things, that simply keep us looking back at the past.
Your room should reflect the perfect relationship, and so a single pillow or even a single chair in a room are ill advised.
Your life must be able to accommodate two people.
You should also air this room very regularly in order to circulate the energies.

Let us now take a look at the major upheavals in life such as moving house and changing partners:
The techniques of Feng-Shui used here, include rituals which are designed to facilitate your progression during the different stages of your life, as well as give practical advice to better manage the emotional turmoil that these upheavals in life bring with them.

When we know how to help ourselves in life and how to put this into practice, it becomes much easier to welcome the new opportunities that life offers us.

A break up: How to rebuild after a separation?
Picking up your phone to ask for help is a process that marks the beginning of change.
If you've just experienced a breakup and want to use Feng-Shui to improve your situation, call a third party. If you don’t know anyone, analyse the earth energy of your home and find clues that will give you a new direction.
Get rid of your ex partner's belongings. Place them near the entrance. 
Say goodbye to souvenirs.
What seems to be a trivial pile of bath towels, may have a special meaning for you. If this is the case, you need to revisit your memories one last time before putting the past behind you and ridding yourself of unnecessary items that keep you tied to the past.
It is very important to do this cleansing, so we can move on from the stage of mourning.

A new relationship:
Let us now look at how to maintain the fire of love with Feng-Shui.

Sometimes, people who get on really well together can no longer stand each other as soon as they start living together.
Let’s look at the example of Stella, 45 years old and single for five years and Lionel, who has had a hard time finding his place in her home.
The couple have been at loggerheads since Lionel moved into Stella's apartment a few months ago.

After a short tour of the apartment, the problem and its solution became quite apparent to our Feng-Shui specialist. 
Stella had become so used to her single life, that a new occupant could not find their own space. She wanted this man to share her life, but had not seen the need to change anything in her apartment to welcome him.
Her partner had hardly any cupboard space and only a tiny corner of shelving in which to put his toothbrush.
The energetic message that Stella was putting out was delivered unconsciously as: "I'm not ready to share with anyone!”
Couples need to live in a common space, while each having their own personal refuge. Your way of welcoming someone into your own world reveals how far you are willing to go in this respect. 

Finally, in Feng-Shui, relationship issues are associated with elements of wood and earth, but fire energy also must not be neglected, as this helps you in the transit of being single, to being in a relationship.

Bring in a little bit more intimacy now!
The first thing is to pay special attention to the layout and maintenance of your bedroom. The bedroom is associated with passion, sexuality, intimacy and communication. Be ready to change the scenery! Add some things that belong to him and rethink the layout of the house, so that he feels comfortable in your life together. Consider repainting and replacing the cold blues and blacks with amber, gold and peach tones that promote harmony, warmth, and confidence. The warm colours give a sense of intimacy and stability. 

Give preference to natural colours, like all beiges, cream colours, pale pinks, blues and greens. All these aim to give a positive chi energy and to allow it to circulate freely throughout the house. These are indeed the essential conditions for you to continue to feel good about yourself, while sharing your space with another person.

The Advice from Womensdestiny ;
Life constantly offers us opportunities to learn and to increase our awareness of ourselves and the links we have with the rest of the world. At a given moment, each individual is therefore at a different stage of his journey in life.

Feng-Shui is for everyone, regardless of their background, character or lifestyle.

Example of a Feng-shui bedroom decor for couples;
The starting point of your Feng-Shui bedroom will be based on a Japanese style.

We suggest a dim lighting, diffused by a red lampshade! Passion will naturally follow!!

Natural wood is back in fashion. We love to see it in its original beauty, but still refined or polished to suit modern décor.
Opt for a variety of colours. The world of decor is unanimously white at the moment. This is chic but not very Feng-Shui. With an extra brushed effect, additional shades can captivate you with colour.

Work with natural materials, rattan, wicker, seagrass ... Natural materials are golden like the sun and remain warm as summer.

To learn more about Feng Shui, take a look at our main article on this subject.