Relationship Breakup

Broken words, broken relationship, heartbreak… Things are broken!

If there is one thing that can really hurt in a life, it is undeniably a breakup. Some people manage to move on easily, while others do everything in their power to try and rebuild their relationship.
If you have arrived on this page, it is certainly not a coincidence, right? In this article, we will address the problem of breakup and we will not leave you without a solution. That said, if you collect Ex's like they are going out of fashion and that's not a problem for you, I invite you to go to the singles pages, as that will be more exciting for you. Because here in this article, we believe in fairy tales, in love stories that last, and above all, we keep the hope of rekindling the flames in a relationship.

Faced with a disenchanted generation
Much worse than despair, disenchantment deprives us of the energy of a carefree state of love. It's like a form of belief, where a relationship that lasts no longer exists.
Breakup has almost become a common term, not surprising in view of the latest statistics where we observe relatively alarming figures: the divorce rate in many countries is increasingly high. To cite one example, in France, nearly 45% of marriages end in divorce, i.e. one out of two couples, and that doesn’t even count common-law partnerships. So, do the French opt for short term liaisons in love, an interesting concept which promotes swift love affairs, and which, according to various surveys, is ideal for boosting one's libido?
Or, could we say that modern-day lovers are tackling the most difficult challenge of the 21st century: to make love last?

All change, quick change!
It is very obvious that all these big dating supermarkets have not helped couples to stabilize and have led many of them to what I would call emotional or sentimental bulimia. The appearance of smartphones has facilitated adultery, that is undeniable. So then, what can preserve the love of two people who are made for each other? What are the real solutions to find the love of a person again, who is in the process of moving away? How to deal with the breakup?

The Solution for a Breakup
Many of you do not experience this as the turning of a new page. On the contrary, for you, it is inconceivable to think about rebuilding your life with another person… So even if surveys show us how high the figures for breakups are, know that the figures for couples who get back together are just as reassuring. Yes, we are going to change our approach and are going to stop writing about the genesis of the end of love.
According to Melyne, Love Coach, in her firm, there are more clients who are there to try to rebuild their relationship, than there are single people who want to find a new love. This is good news!

So, a breakup is not necessarily final, you can believe in love that lasts, you can save your relationship from the final breakup.
This article ends here... As you will have understood, you have two choices, either a new life as a single. or to try to reunite your relationship.
Whatever your choice, always make sure you have nothing to regret and remember, there is always a solution.

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