How To Find Love In 5 Steps

Finding the perfect partner for you is not always easy...

In France, the number of single people continues to increase, as is indeed also the case in many other countries. But the French atre known as great romantics arent they? So what's going on? According to a study conducted in 2015, the figures from the survey company INSEE provide us with very encouraging statistics. Yes, in France, 35.4% of women and 42.1% of men are single!
e know that in that in many countries, the number of single people continues to increase year after year and that single people are increasingly assuming their status. Now, a question comes to mind:

What do singles need to do to find a soul mate?
What behavior or attitude should they have?
Whether you've been single for years, or have become so recently, following a breakup, you know that finding the perfect match is not always easy.

Love can be so elusive at times, that it can seem that this quest to find a soul mate will never end.
And I know it exists, says Juliet, love coach, for some people the path can be so dark that it's tempting to give up on the search.
After a number of years, I have been able to put together a five-step guide that you can follow that will get you on the right path and in the right direction.

Step 1: Get to know yourself
This is one of the most important stages in love, it is a stage of sharing between you and the other person. This step allows you to accept who you are and take stock of what you have to offer.
Quite often, it is certainly an unconscious state of mind, but after weeks, months, even years of being single, or of celibacy, some people find it difficult to make a place in their life for the other person.

Step 2: Self-confidence
Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it will be important to take your type of personality into consideration, especially the one you created for yourself during this period of being single.
Regaining your self-confidence will be an important step in recreating this magnetic field which leaves room for the alchemy of love.

Step 3: The visualization technique
Getting to know yourself means knowing your relationship needs as well. It is a great exercise to visualize who will come into your life, it usually speaks volumes about your expectations. There is also a simple technique which is to write down what you think is most important about your potential partner. This is a great way to figure out what you really want. It is not about recreating a perfect stereotype but about identifying your true desires.

Step 4: Encourage outside meetings
One of the best ways to make new friends is to meet people. Yes, friendship plays a very important role and it remains one of the surest ways to find love.
And yet it is still a great way to build a mutual relationship based on kindness and trust.

Step 5: Show your availability
Introduce yourself as a single, available person. Of course, that doesn't mean you want to scream from the rooftops that you're looking for love. But do what you can to let people know that you are both available and willing to go further if the opportunity presents itself.

You will understand that finding love is not easy despite the five small steps which are just a summary of coaching to find love, this scenario deserves much more thought.
I would like to emphasize an important point before I finish this article and that is the fear of the unknown.
If there is one thing that is harder to let go, it is the unknown. This often spawns totally bogus scenarios that ruin our lives and give rise to this fear.

Personally during coaching, I always start by working on fears.
So I ask you the question: are you afraid of love? Are you afraid of finding love?

Because yes, love can be scary, often some people are afraid of experiencing failure again and again. All the same we hope these 5 little steps have helped you on your journey.
But remember, one of the greatest joys of life is to give love and receive it.