How To Be Happy When You Are Single

OK, so let's drop the stigma of the perfect couple...

TV shows and series lead us to believe that being single is never easy.
Today, there is still a great form of discrimination against single people and they have to fight against social and family pressures, where a life in a relationship is almost an obligation.
Being single is often described as a kind of purgatory where single people are lumped into a classic stereotype and where their lives go through different emotional states, until they find their soul mates.
So much so, that a 2008 study published in the "European Journal of Social Psychology" found that single people are often seen as unhappy and as being jealous of people who are in relationship.
Fortunately, personal development experts say that these stereotypes create a frustration where being single today is often confused with loneliness.

Let's go back to this 2008 study, which also found that single people had similar levels of well-being to people in a relationship. And there are many benefits to living your life without a relationship. Why is that, you ask yourself?
Well because quite simply, being single, even celibacy, is a desirable state of being,  while loneliness is a state that is often frowned upon by the individual because it is not a choice.

Single and happy!
We all have an explanation and definition of what happiness is and what it means to each of us, the same goes for celibacy.
It is clear that there is an existential question about celibacy, how to be happy when you are alone?
Whatever the circumstances of your celibacy, it is important to know how to be happy on your own. To find out, the most important thing is to know what makes you truly happy. Many singles practice self-love, take care of themselves, and step out of their comfort zone, it is amazing how powerful being happy can be.

Single habits, yes, but that’s not all:
You've recently left a relationship, you're going through a breakup, or you just aren't interested in anyone right now, so try not to view this stage of your life as a negative thing.

Quite the contrary, being single gives you a wonderful opportunity to understand what makes you truly happy and gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself better.
Being single gives you the time and freedom to do what you want, according to your own schedule and allows you to put your needs, desires and ambitions first, the most important person ... You!
Not being in a romantic relationship will help you realize and understand that your happiness shouldn't depend on someone else being there.

You must be able to be happy alone and love yourself so that you can give your love and no longer seek a hypothetical complement in another person or another state of being which is more like codependency rather than love.

You get that the answer is yes, we can all be happy being single and we are free to exist, far from the stigma of the sacrosanct couple.