Single? What If You Kept A Journal About Your Love Life?

Keep a diary… ok, but what for? Maybe to find a good balance in your love life...

Keep a diary ... OK, but what for?
Dear Diary...
Who remembers keeping a diary during their teenage years? A journal that we kept carefully hidden, as the information contained inside it could be both compromising and, in particular, very intimate!
When Bridget Jones decided to take her life into her own hands, she decided to draw up a list of good resolutions and guess what we find at the top of the list: Keep a diary.

A personal diary?
I grant you the film is much better than the book ...: yet the book the writer Helen Fielding wrote, originally in English, sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. This teaches us a beautiful lesson of life, on the importance of the keeping a diary.

It seems that there are excellent reasons and real benefits to keeping a diary to find a balance in your love life. And what would those be?

Writing can be an excellent therapeutic way, not only to relieve transitional stress, it can also be of unparalleled emotional support.
It is clear that a diary is not necessarily intended for adolescents, on the contrary, there is no particular age to enjoy the positive impact of keeping a logbook. A diary is also a great way to record life experiences and learn from them.

If there are things that worry you or weigh you down, the advantage of putting your mind into writing, by registering your doubts, your fears, your anxieties or simply your uncertainties, by writing them only on a paper, can have an immediate effect of relief.
Often in need of a kind set of listening ears, we sometimes do not know where to turn. Being single is not always easy and often people around us make clumsy comments.

So, would you still like to know if you are going to meet your soul mate?
Would you like to know what behavior to adopt to meet the love of your life?
And what if you lent yourself to this exercise to clarify your thoughts? We must admit that it's good to let go. Yes, here is a great way to get to know yourself, an amazing way to get away from recurring issues, and things you may not have dared to verbalize or confess.

The truth is always good to say. Right? So, tell it to your diary, ladies!