Finding Love Can Be Learned!

Why do we have so much trouble finding the perfect partner? How can we find love? Don't panic, finding love can be learned!

So, you want to find the person who will share your life?
But how to find the person with whom to experience this love to the utmost?

Remember: Finding love is "Learning to love, Love without waiting, Loving everything, Learning to smile, Just for the gesture, Without wanting a rest, And learning to live" Learn to love, by famous french singer Florent Pagny . We could not have said it better ourselves!

Dating is not a combination of circumstances
Dating is not a dice game, nor is it a coincidence. A lot of women experience what is called a "Cinderella Syndrome". They think a prince will come looking for them, searching and finding them among thousands of women. The search for the ideal person often leads to a series of repeated failures. The hope of having a beautiful encounter diminishes over time. Love is alive. To be patient with love is to stay awake and wait for your breath to start over again. Love will not come to your door; you will have to go out to get it. The first thing to do when you embark on the adventure of finding love, is to be free from all constraints.

Abandon the myth of "Prince Charming"
This myth does not exist! Putting an ad out that says "Looking for a caring, funny, smart, kind, honest, tender, loving, generous and sincere man" reduces your chances of finding great love, with this kind of requirement. You are not asked to act like Cameron Diaz who confided in an interview "I kissed a frog even though I knew it wouldn’t turn into a prince charming. Since then, I love frogs!” Rather than dreaming of the ideal partner, it is better to look for the imperfect man, because there is a good chance that you will like him and that he can make you happy.

Stop the control
In an arranged meeting, some people may become defensive because they are afraid of being disappointed or making a bad impression. Yet to find love, you must let your guard down. Your ability to receive and give love will come, if you let go.

Know the language of seduction
Claire, 38 years old, often has this feeling of panic during a first date, and she becomes overwhelmed by doubt. She wonders if she should take the lead. This kind of behavior often leads to self-flagellation. Trying to appreciate yourself and keep your self esteem and confidence is the key to seduction. If the person sees that you are independent, available, very present, smiling and sharing, you are off to a great start.

Know yourself better so as not to be afraid of commitment
To work on yourself, to get to know yourself before going out to find love is an important thing. It will make you more forgiving towards the other person. Criticizing and blaming instead of accepting, shows that you are a person who is not ready for commitment.

Internet dating
This concept of dating is becoming more and more trendy with the arrival of the digital age. Certainly, this maximizes your chances of making better targeted dating. But not only that! Dating sites and social networks also make it possible to meet people you would not meet in real life and who can become very good friends.

To find love, to approach a person, it is necessary to work on any lack of self-confidence in love. As famed writer Paulo Coelho said: "Do not allow your wounds to turn you into someone you are not."

Finding help, an attentive listening ear in whom to confide, allows you to have exchanges and to gain confidence. Melyne, Love Coach for the site