How To Get Over Feeling LONELY?

Could this be a great opportunity to rediscover yourself, recharge your batteries and open up to life by coming face to face with yourself?

Whether it’s by choice or imposed upon us, loneliness is a feeling that comes from within. Great Britain recently created a secretary of state to fight loneliness. In England, 200,000 people often go a whole month without speaking to anyone at all. In France, it is no better: 300,000 people over the age of 60, are in a situation of "social death". Source: France Inter.

Everyone experiences loneliness at one point or another in their life and it is never pleasant.

People feel lonely for numerous reasons:
You can have a busy social life and still feel lonely.
This is a curious paradox, isn’t it? The emotional emptiness it generates can result in a withdrawal into oneself, which can then surreptitiously lead to isolation. 

Is loneliness really necessary?
It is a great opportunity to meet up with yourself, to recharge your batteries, to rediscover who you are, to open up to life by coming face to face with yourself.

Currently, few people are aware of this golden opportunity to assess their lives in detail. Often, feelings of loneliness lead to the search for external “crutches to lean on” and sometimes to conjure up images of “the ideal love”.

Accept temporary loneliness!
Loneliness can take on several forms, which can lead to compulsive behavior in several areas (alcohol, drugs, food, sport, internet, sex, compulsive shopping, etc.) These factors help to momentarily numb the "void". These compulsions can progress to addictions.

In this age of the internet and social media, you could be led into thinking that feelings of loneliness would be on the wane, but you need to know that virtual contact can never replace real relationships.

This is another large and very interesting topic.
Cyber ​​addiction or addiction to dating sites can lead us to isolate ourselves and therefore to loneliness.

I challenge you: Turn off your computer or your mobile phone and delete the last apps you installed.

Don't be ashamed to be alone!
If you feel that you are gradually shifting and that you have this desire, the little burning flame to look inside yourself consciously, it is time for you to pull yourself together and ask for support if you feel the need.

Keep emotions at bay
In order not to be overwhelmed by this feeling of loneliness, it is essential for you to understand it. Starting with this,  you will learn, , to make friends with your emotions, without any fear, which are the lifeblood of your life. You will see your day-to day life differently and will take pleasure in the smallest and most simple things, which previously locked you into a routine.

This progression will have many surprises in store for you. You will feel responsible for your life again. Previously unimagined talents will reveal themselves to you. You will regain your taste for learning once again, unfulfilled passions will spring back to life. Your gifts will finally be expressed. Your personal development will enlighten those around you.

So, do you still believe that loneliness is a dead end?
See it as a blessing! Luck does not exist, so do not push the opportunity away. You will only delay the outcome.
You deserve to be happy. Happiness is contagious, think about surrounding yourself with positive people who have the same dynamics as you do.

You will now see that these times of you being on your own will be essential to you. Your kindness to yourself  and self-esteem will help you claim these precious moments for yourself.