Top Tips To Seduce A Man

Very simple 21st century version, an original invitation to travel

Here, we invite you to be the woman you are, while giving you some tips for seducing a man, in order to embody this assumed feminine creature that is in you. This most original invitation to travel to unknown realms, will allow you to float in the astral sphere of seduction with your suitor!
No need to pull out the heavy artillery, here are some clever and affordable ideas for all of you, whatever your age, with a tongue in cheek and some fun and flirty frolics!

The top tips in 15 points
Smile, without going overboard, you’re on Candid Camera! Even if she was endearing, the Bridget Jones label is over. The goal for today is to put yourself in the shoes of Dakota Johnson.
2. Optimize it and share it, because if you give in to prevailing defeatism, you risk him leaving you standing!
3. Listen carefully. Let him express himself. If you are a bit talkative, try to contain those words that you want to pour out so badly, he shouldn't find himself drowning, poor thing!
4. Polish up your excesses: if you have a loud voice, set the volume to 5 instead of 10.  Got that stray bit of hair that keeps falling down over your eye? Make sure you’ve thought of it to avoid frustrations when you go live!
5. You are what you are, so, make the best of your appearance, pamper yourself appearance and adopt the Body Positive look.
6. Be proud of your hobbies and passions, it proves your independence.
7. Reveal yourself sparingly, whether physically or personally, so that he will be in demand to see you again and again, so that he will be surprised by your uniqueness every time. Men do love a mystery!
8. Highlight your bodily charms: having good skin, whether light, mixed or dark, is always an asset, but don’t lay that foundation on too thickly! The watchword is subtlety which will often reveal your sensuality.
9. Value him, compliment him with sincerity. His intelligence, his charm, his humor and other qualities, can then come out and shine and be revealed to you.
10. Appreciate him, but also yourself. Reveal your qualities gently and avoid throwing your "my super qualities" package at him like an old bag of dirty laundry, it could seem heavy to carry, not for you but for him !
11. Establish an atmosphere of trust and calm, he will be more relaxed.
12. Dare to look at him, really look at him and see what happens; leave room for spontaneity, which can create special moments. Let the present moment work its magic, live in the present moment.
13. Laugh, because your humor is a key asset, a happy woman naturally transmits her happiness.
14. Freedom: a first kiss, him or me? Improvise according to the situation. Some men appreciate making this first move, others will be more sensitive to letting the fairer sex act first.
15. The mystery: as in a game of Cluedo, let's leave room for patience and discovery. It's time to check the old adage that tells us: "everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait".

So seduce yourself, before conquering the other person.
There you go girls, a top tips, 21st century version that you can carry out with ease.