A Winning Style to Naturally Seduce Them!

How to be irresistible and natural, to seduce for sure!

All women dream of having the perfect outfit to seduce, however it is not always easy. Finding the main female assets to flout sometimes requires a major upgrade!
So then, girls, seduction also requires seduction tools, so, let’s move on to clothing. 

Here is the important step, which is your outfit, to avoid having a panic attack.

  • Do not forget to care for your hands, whether your nails are bare or varnished.
  • Your hairstyle should match your outfit.
  • And the trend is Slow make-up or even No make-up! Natural…

"I don't want to camouflage anything anymore: neither my face, nor my mind, nor my soul, nor my thoughts, nor my dreams, nor my struggles, nor my emotional journey. Nothing!”
Alicia Keys

Get dressed up and adorn yourself with your best finery. Your outfit is your ally, and it should make you feel attractive and comfortable, whatever your style.

The style…

  • Do you have the soul of an adventurer? Well then, go ahead, Lara Croft will be your ally!
  • If you have a Bohemian style, don’t hesitate to wear that long and flowing dress which hugs your waist or your hips and highlights your breasts without them overflowing. A small jumper and you're done!

Suggestion is so much more appealing, when the man manages to just imagine and not see everything on the first date!!!
If your bust is almost non-existent, turn it into an asset by subtly revealing it through a little flowing satin shirt, opened just enough, to hope for a glimpse of your cleavage, and remember that everything that's small is cute!
If you have  very generous bust then put on a minimiser with a small V-neck, that allows you to let your throat do the talking, without making your suitor fall into a hypnotic state with a single glance!
Even a plain cotton T-shirt can be sexy, because it's how you wear it that will have its effect.
If you have any kind of physical complex, put it aside for a few hours and use all possible techniques so that it does not make you uncomfortable. Work on your self-confidence.
Example: it's summer and, despite yourself, you have a complex about your feet. Never mind, in this case wear small, trendy, fabric sneakers that these days, go very well with any outfit!
If you are aware of certain faults that you want to correct, take the opportunity to practice ahead of time. (I speak loudly, I am shy or even introverted, I am rather extroverted, etc.)
One problem, one solution.

Last little suggestions:

  • Do not forget that seduction is a game, or even an art. The art of performing under the beam of a spotlight: the Man.
  • Listen to your intuition, your 6th sense is always present, whenever you are willing to use it.
  • Have fun, relax and smile for this present moment. You are in a moment of sharing.
  • And if ever, despite all these suggestions, your date is not to your liking and the seduction isn’t either, do not hesitate to shorten the date if necessary.

Normally, there will be no reason for this, because seeing as you truly radiate, you can only attract someone who is also ready to sparkle with you….