Pretty, But Still Single!

Being a pretty girl is certainly a social asset, but does it complicate the search for a soul mate?

Often, we see many pretty girls who are single. We wonder why that is?

Logically speaking, a pretty girl has no difficulty in getting into a relationship, right? But hey, there is no coherent reasoning in love. Another unsolved mystery!
We've all wondered too, at one time or another, why our best friend is still single.
From an early age, girls learn the classic stereotype of the image of love and relationships, that finding a man and starting a family is the most important achievement of their life… But today's girls just don't believe that's true. Finding a man to spend the rest of their life with, just isn't that high on their list of priorities. Pretty girls make their own rules!
Pretty girls often have strong personalities and assertiveness, two qualities that men generally find threatening.
Of course, we won't be able to completely solve this riddle in this short article we have here, but after reading this one, you will be a bit more aware of what happens for pretty girls.

You encourage the inaccessible
You have everything to please, mother nature has blessed you, you have a good professional position. It is not rare for you to meet a man wearing a wedding ring, which obviously suggests that he is married. Well done girls, you just played the unobtainable card!

Men think that you are a girl who is greedy for gold and silver, even with venal tendencies.
This cliché is a social stereotype of a pretty girl. It will still take some time for the world to realize that you don't need a man to make a living and you are not a gold-digger. A beautiful girl needs to be loved, not financially supported.

You say stop to the macho men!
You are so hit on by machos! You say no thank you! But be careful, it is possible that you will miss out on love, when faced with the only one brave person who will have had the guts to come and approach you. Remember to review your definition of macho!

You're dealing with a featherbrain!
We are not going to veil our faces! All women have had to deal with a featherbrain one day, the one who does not want to understand that you are not interested in him. But suppose you are making a mistake? Do not fall into prejudices.

You fear that they are only interested in your physical appearance
You are afraid of the idea that you will only be judged by your appearance, when you have such a beautiful personality. Keep affirming who you are, at one time or another, they will get the fact you are not just a pretty face.

The solution? Take a sheet of paper and a pen and list your qualities and your assets for seduction. Keeping your confidence and your charisma will allow you to seduce without coming across as an arrogant person.