Help! He Hasn't Called Me Back!

He knows my number! But since then, it’s been radio silence...

Did you have a great evening? Did you fall under the spell on the first date? Despite that, he hasn't called you back. 

His eyes and yours met together. Help! You need love! 
There has to be something wrong! Is he ghosting you? Know that there is always a good explanation for  this reaction, and not only one that is necessarily logical, I agree with you. This often happens for many men and women,  when the fear of commitment kicks in.
Are you too nice or are you addicted?
Are you too easy to win over, or too popular?
Does this man expect a power struggle from you? Are you in “run away from me, I run after you, you run after me, I run away from you,” mode?
Pay close attention to this game! Playing cat and mouse, in order to hope to be able to attract the person that we like, is a game that is often played by men….
And this especially happens at the beginning of a relationship!
This may be one of the reasons he hasn’t called you back.
Remember one thing too, girls: do not confuse patience with impatience, which very often leads to a certain resentment, caused by expectations.

He's super busy
This man seems very overwhelmed with things to do. Yet in this era of new technologies, some men seem to have forgotten the instructions for use. Do the men of the 21st century think we are stupid?
Two things are to be expected here. On the one hand, it's up to you to limit your needs and to be less demanding. Inuitive Love Coach Melyne is one person who supports this point of view: expectation gives rise to resentment, and resentment arises from our expectations, a vicious circle, which can then be the catalyst for a whole range of fears, which can be corrected successfully with  a few coaching sessions

On the other hand, in order not to lose sight of the situation, avoid talking about it to your girlfriends, as they will not necessarily always give you good advice, since we do not all have the same expectations for love.
If this is still not the case, resign yourself to it. Keep your distance and learn to occupy your time, instead of constantly looking at your cell phone, for fear of having missed a call or a text message.
This is a method that works, since I can assure you that his first reaction will then be to get closer to you. If not, then here are some tips for understanding the other person

Fear of commitment
Usually when a man reacts like this, it's because he doesn't trust himself, so he's subconsciously afraid of the relationship.
Following an experience that has obviously gone wrong, this man will initially have a real lack of self-confidence and a formidable fear of commitment. You will need to reassure him and to have a lot of patience and tolerance.

He’s met someone else/he's not a faithful guy
This is not a good sign! Like some women do,  a man meets another woman three weeks after your date. So, it's not your fault, it's because of the easy ways that exist today in order to get to know someone (dating sites, social networks...). This man is visibly unstable, he hasn't come to terms with his old relationship (see our article Why I'm Still Single?) Forget him quickly!

He already has another life
There is a story about a woman who lived with a man after falling in love at first sight, without knowing that he was married and had a family. Imagine the shock!
Either that, or you run away before it becomes your case
Or, you take action  to completely understand the situation which he has put you in.

What do you choose then?
Faithful or unfaithful, free or not free, fearful or sure of himself. And what if he had the right to having a chance?
We cannot arrive in a person's life without that person also having choices to make.
For a heart that beats more strongly… Give him time to clean up what he needs to in his life…
Do this while keeping your own spirits up, and nurturing the hope of being the last girl to enter the dance.
Don’t harbor too many illusions either though; after a certain amount of time, it is better to let things go. Sorry that we're not in “happy ending” mode! In this case, stay calm, take a deep breath and move on... Or not!