What Seduces MEN?

How to please, a whole program… Nobody's perfect!

Seduction is part of life, be that in love, friendship or at work.
Men have strong ideas on this subject, even though this depends on each person's character and their capacity to be won over.
We will therefore try to stay within what we will call a category of good quality.
To please them, an entire program ...In Penelope Cruz mode
Flirting while dancing? It can be great for seduction... The swaying backwards, the sexy, girly outfit, a gorgeous movement of the hair, it always has its effect! The proof...

The word that immediately comes to mind is "charm". Without it, there is no possibility of success in the field of seduction. Charm sweeps away everything in its path. Beauty does not because it is ephemeral. Of course, if you have both, it's a bit like having won the jackpot! 

•    Paying attention to what a companion says is a guarantee of success. Actually, it is a well-known fact that men adore women who drink in their words, who listen to them religiously, with enamored eyes and a smile on their lips.
•    Flattery, that word imay not seem very pretty, but it is true, so compliments do have an impact when they are well prepared. Let’s not forget that a man needs to feel strong in order to exist, he is the "male" and his ideas must find both positive and admiring resonance in his future conquest. (My darling, you are wonderful!)
•    Fidelity is essential for a successful relationship, men seek it, although it should be noted that it is not always one of their own priorities. But, “nobody is perfect!”
•    The love that his companion has for him must be palpable, indisputable, in short recognized as such (although the thing is utopian in the longer term for some). If he feels loved, a man can lift mountains and the important thing is that he is convinced of it.
•    Intelligence must be part of the qualities of a companion, exit the peas instead of the brain, a minimum of knowledge is required.
•    Sex; Sex, almost everything has already been said on this subject, the Kamasutra has not finished revealing its secrets to us. Without being nympho though! A good knowledge and application of the subject seems essential to us.
•    Finally the elegance of the heart, but also of the physique are important elements to hold a man down. The frumpy have no place here, the art of clever dressing is a plus.
Finally, it seems quite easy to us to attract the man we like into our nets, with a smile, a look, a little finesse, a nice cleavage and finally ... it works :-).