Seduction Using the 4 Toltec Agreements

Even better than the Law of Attraction!

Like a job interview, seducing a man can require a certain preparation and technicality for a controlled and optimized process! Not very charming as a comparison, at first glance, but effective all the same!

Mental and emotional preparation and conditioning
In terms of mental preparation, we can remind ourselves of the principles that correspond to our values. If you don't have them yet, it's never too late to create some little rituals to start your day off right, for example.
A little trick which works for me, is that I remember these famous agreements that I try to respect on a daily basis, and in all areas of my life. So thank you to Don Miguel Ruiz and his Toltec agreements that get me prepared in 2 minutes!

1st agreement: let your words be impeccable
Yes, it is better to avoid coming out with a possible "Oh shit" using an "Oh dear!” “Oh my goodness!” or “Oh crikey!" It is simply a question of knowing how to live comfortably and above all, of avoiding vulgarity which, whatever one might say, is badly perceived by men in general, whatever their age and their social, political and cultural positions. So, go for zero risk! And we also avoid talking about our Ex too.

2nd agreement: don't make it personal
Your suitor expresses an opinion which is contrary to yours. Well, take this as an interesting experience that will certainly allow you to have a constructive exchange, as long as you do not interpret it as an attack on you. This is an opportunity to turn this into a game, where you are an investigative journalist seeking to understand his point of view and not to throw him off his course; while avoiding waiting for your chance to get one over on him.
A form of diversion strategy where you are the mistress of the game, and handling matters with gentleness and humor!

Agreement 3: Don't make assumptions
Don’t assume things about what is not said or regarding facial expressions. Just go with the flow! Is there a silence? Perfect! This allows you to observe him and take the time to follow up on another subject. Break times are necessary, and this allows you to play with alternating hot and cold weather, and to raise the temperature if needs be!! The 2 individuals can start again more spontaneously on different subjects. The alternation of hot and cold makes for perfect weather!
After this little mental connection that boosts your self-esteem, trust yourself, be natural and stay yourself, no need to dress things up!

In short, do your best, which is the 4th Toltec agreement
Before setting off on the path to seduction, give yourself a little dose of self-esteem and a look at your pretty door which opens up the way for you. For a lovely moment; I re-read my 3 glued, colored, creative and personalized post-it notes of the type…
“I am serene, just myself and irresistibly charming”. Yes, avoid the "I'm just too good to be true today!" ".
“I am gentle, pleasant and relaxed”.
And a little privileged! "I am wonderfully imperfect and perfectly wonderful."
And off you go…