How To Define Love?

Love is something abstract. When we say "I love you", what are we actually saying?

Four visions of Love 
Love is something abstract, but it's a sincere emotion. It is expressed in terms of how we conceive it. No matter who we are and where we are in the universe, love comes down to a deep sense of affection that one person has for another. There are different types of love to express this affection. People express love by giving it and receiving it in different ways. Love can be between friends, platonic, romantic, sexual, humanitarian, religious to name a few types of this emotion as it manifests itself.
What's interesting is that love can also create attachments between people. Just as there are different types of love, there can be different types of attachments. The attachment between a mother and her child is very different than that of loving attachment. However, love and attachment are two different things.

Interpersonal love is the type of love that occurs between human beings
It is a more intense feeling that is stronger than two people who just enjoying each other’s company. It also implies a relationship between two people.
Most of the time, when we talk about love, it's usually on a romantic level between a man and a woman. Love means different things to different people. The way people love each other is based on maintaining the relationship and of course, their emotional states in their lives.
When we love someone, we want what is best for that person. Two people who love each other naturally want to be there for each other. They help each other unconditionally when there is a problem and love becomes a simple question of feelings.
The ancient Greeks classified love sentiment into four specific categories:

1. Agape Love: unconditional love
Agape Love is what we call unconditional love. It's love by choice. You choose to be with the person because of the love you have for them. You stay in love even when the person does something you do not like or you think is bad. An example of agape love is to love someone despite their faults.

2. Phila: loving love
Regarded as a relationship of mutual esteem, Philia is non passionate and is a virtuous love. This is not romantic love. This type of love is guided by the sense of morality. It is the love of humanity for example.

3. Storge: family love
It is the love that one has for one's family and the demonstration of physical affection. This is the part of love that embraces the idea that humans need touch. It is also the idea of exceptional friendships.

4. Eros: erotic love
It's the physical and sexual side of love, like sex. This is the root of the word "erotic".
Sometimes love can seem much more complex than the 4 categories above.
These are just general classifications for the types of love people feel, based on the different relationships they have in their lives.
Love will remain a feeling of happiness and well-being that anyone can experience, on the condition of being open to others.