Why are we superstitious?

Wanting to rationalize luck is a natural behavior, which is found in most people. Should we believe in superstitions or not?

Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy.
When the marvellous and the obscure keep all of their prestige, somewhere between religion and science. Superstitions nevertheless remain a vast domain, linked to the invisible, and populated by signs and omens.
Who has never looked for a 4-leaf clover?
Who has never veered past a ladder to avoid walking underneath it?
In the universe of beliefs around the world, there are still many superstitions.
They have become a way of thinking and of apprehension, that is both irrational and instinctive.
The universe has its mysteries, where luck and coincidence still have a place.
From Voltaire to Baudelaire to C.J. Jung, who devoted his doctoral thesis to occult phenomena, this remains a subject that intrigues and will always intrigue even the most open-minded people.
Some people use everyday expressions like "fingers crossed" or "knock on wood", while other people’s beliefs could leave you feeling rather puzzled!

So, with this article, let's put a little touch of groove in!!!
It's Stevie's turn to dazzle you… Or rather dazzle your ears… Sorry, that was too much… That said, he was right when he sang, "When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer."

Are we all a little superstitious?
We know from various surveys that many people are superstitious. For example, we know we know that 41% of French people admit to being at least a little superstitious. Fortunately, not all these folk beliefs are always taken seriously.
There are some surprising superstitions that can make you smile. In fact, we can distinguish two forms of surprising beliefs that are often intergenerational.
Superstitions that bring good luck
Knock on wood.
Seeing a black cat cross your path
See a ladybug fly away.
Four leaved clover
Shooting star
Superstitions that bring bad luck
Walking underneath a ladder.
Opening an umbrella indoors.
Breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck.
Giving or receiving a knife breaks friendship.
Dropping your purse on the ground brings poverty.
The number 13. Many aircraft do not have a row 13 and some buildings don’t have a 13th floor. However, this unlucky number varies from country to country.

Anyway, nothing prevents you from crossing your fingers and making a wish when you see a shooting star! Good luck!