Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Discover your Guardian Angels!

We are all governed by 3 Angels.  They are a part of us and reflect our identity. According to the Jewish Kabbalah, these angels are allocated at birth,. They are there to help us throughout our entire lives, be this in the long term or on a daily basis.
Angels are superior beings, celestial entities, creatures of the Divine. Even if you cannot see or hear them, they are present beside you, and you can have confidence in them.  You can trust them during the difficult moments in your life.

Discover your Guardian Angels, ask them when you feel the need; This spiritual work, carried out with the help of your Angels, will guide you on your way.

The Angelology
The traditional study of Angels dates back thousands of years. It comes from several centuries of rigorous research and work regarding the consciousness.

Angel Recitation
Angel Recitation is a practice where you repeat the name of the Angel while taking deep inhalations of breath on each occasion. The most elaborate practice is a practice combining yoga at the same time: Angelic Yoga.
The practice of Angelic Yoga allows you to develop great concentration skills. Controlling your breathing is a key factor.

The exercise that you will perform is called "the practice of circulatory breathing."
Get yourself in a position that you are comfortable with, be this standing, sitting or lying down.
Close your eyes.
Inhale slowly and evenly while repeatedly saying the name of the Angel that you want to invoke, by performing a deep breath through your nose and hold your breath for a few moments
Breathe out slowly and gradually by constantly repeating the name of the angel internally like a mantra.
Repeat this exercise until you are filled with calm.
After the calm settles in you, breathe freely while continuing to invoke the Angel

The Angelic Calendar
The 9 Choirs of Angels
The 72 Guardian Angels of Kabbalistic tradition are categorised into 9 different groups (Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels and Angels). They all come under the regency of a “Prince of Archangels”. Metatron is the head of all the Archangelic and Angelic hierarchy. According to Jewish custom, Metatron is Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah of the Floods, who was transformed into an angel. 

The Seraphim -Name: The Burning Ones
"Seraphim" comes from the word "saraph" in Hebrew means "burning", so Seraphim are “the burning ones”. It is thought they have this name as they are the closest to the Brilliance of God.
Ruling Archangel: Metatron
They correspond to the highest angelic hierarchy and are said to be the closest to God, flying above his throne.
They assist man in the rectification of his deviant tendencies and have the sublime power to consume the seven major human sins.
Artisans of the divine will, they are in charge of the divine fire. Their action is purifying, invigorating and illuminating the fate of each of individual person. They burn the sins of those who request it. They help humans to find their way and the sacred meaning of life. They are responsible for the evolution of creation according to God's will.

The Cherubim- Name; The wheels
Ruling Archangel: Jophiel, represented as a radiant man holding seven stars in his right hand with six branches. He embodies the forces of the sephira "Hokmah," which governs imagination and intuition and means "wisdom" in Hebrew.
The Sephira; Each of the ten attributes or emanations surrounding the infinite and by means of which it relates to the finite. The Sephira are represented as spheres on the Tree of Life.
The Cherubim transmit the light of thought, strength and wisdom to man.
They carry the energy of the wisdom of love. They participate in the destiny of humans by developing a favourable environment to allow fulfilment and purpose in their lives and for their spiritual evolution.
They are responsible for the application of the law of cause and effect and therefore for the management of Karma and Dharma.

The Thrones-Name: The Valiant
Ruling Archangel; Zaphkiel, who is also sometimes known as Jafkiel, Japhkiel, Tzaphkiel, Zafkiel, Zafchial, Zaphchial, Zaphiel or Zelel, is represented as a man with a white linen dress, an inkstand in his hand, or in symbolism as an old woman holding a cup. Zaphkiel embodies the sephira "Binah" meaning "Understanding" in Hebrew
The angelic choir of Thrones is related to the number three. It also expresses the first visible geometric figure in a circle: the triangle.
Thus, Thrones give a form and a function to everything.
They carry the energy of intelligence and judgment. They give us a clear perception and an understanding of life events. They help souls to choose the best reincarnation for their future development and evolution.

The Dominions- Name: The Thunderbolts
Ruling Archangel: Zadkiel and as such embodies the forces of sephira "chesed" which means "Mercy" in Hebrew
The Dominions are the Angels of Leadership, and they rule over the Angels of the lower hierarchies. They provide the graces and gifts of God. They inspire us in the purification of desires and passions, but always leave the choice of free will up to humans. They work for the spiritualisation of matter.

The Powers Name: The Burning Ones
Ruling Archangel: Camaël or Samael, who represents the force of the sephira « Gvourah » meaning Strength in Hebrew.
Their main function is to infuse man with the ability to better govern and to better guide by following the King's image, the bearer of the true crown of life and light.
Thus, the choir of the Powers is associated with the Sun and the number six, with the purpose to awaken man with the genuine and true values that he carries deep within himself. These are the supports, the tools for men to govern their lives righteously. They give the interior power which helps combat negativity. They protect from evil and remind us of the divine laws. They support us during testing times and allow justice to prevail.

The Virtues Name: The Envoys
Ruling Archangel: Michael represents the force of the sephira “Tiphereth” meaning “Spirituality” in Hebrew
The Virtues allow everyone to discover their true identity, the inner Christ in each person and to live this through their daily actions. They continuously broadcast the divine energy into the hearts of men. They work wonders and give powers to enlightened beings. They give assistance to healers, and in particular, participate in initiations giving the ability to transfer energy such as ReikiThey are responsible for miracles, courage and valour. They ensure humans are granted their desires and spiritual desires and help to tame the ego with awareness and spiritual consciousness.  They also control the Elements, the Stars and the Planets.

The Principalities or Rulers-Name: The Messengers
Ruling Archangel: Haniel represents the force of the sephira “Netsah” meaning “Victory” in Hebrew.
They promote the awakening of love in its earthly form: respect, trust and mutual commitment. They also educate you to the beautiful, the true and the good.
They are guarantors of beauty and love on earth and among men. They inspire brotherhood, respect, unity and peace. They inspire for a just, peaceful and egalitarian spirit.

The Archangels- Name: The Commandants
Ruling Archangel: Mikael represents the force of the sephira “Hod” which means “Glory” in Hebrew.
Their speciality is to infuse divine knowledge, the valuable ability of discernment. They have the difficult task of uniting the mystical path of faith and the heroic path to achievement that is symbolized by the wand of Hermes.
They ensure the realisation of the great works of mankind. They work on more of a global than an individual level. They reveal prophecies, divine laws, mysteries. They work for the advancement of humanity at the highest levels. They command the heavenly host.

The Angels- Name:  Childlike 
Ruling Archangel: Gabriel represents the force of the sephira “Yessod” which in Hebrew means “Foundation” 
Their function is to embody and manifest the spiritual principles in the concrete world of matter. They ensure the development of human sensitivity and an undistorted sense of the world surrounding them. These Angels are the closest to man and the most concerned with humans’ business. They are the guides, the direct custodians. They govern the circumstances of the events of human life. They protect and watch over mankind and help them in their missions. They are present at the birth and death of a person. They are the easiest to contact.

Find out which choir your Guardian Angel belongs to 

You are born between the:

Your choir belongs to the:

21 March to 30 April                    


1st May to 9 June


10 June to 22 July


23 July to 3 September


4 September to 13 October


14 October to 22 November


23 November to 1st January


2 January to 11 February


12 February to 20 March


The 3 Guardian Angels at birth
Every individual receives 3 Guardian Angels at birth. The qualities and the energies of each of these angels tell us the strengths that we have acquired in other lives, those we can develop in our lives today and weaknesses that we must overcome.

What is the point of you knowing your 3 Angels?
As in astrology, the moment of our birth serves us as a simple benchmark and a starting point. The goal of working with angelic states of consciousness is therefore not only to integrate our own three Guardian Angels, but to gain the full knowledge that is represented by the 72 angels of the initiatory tradition.
The 1st Angel= the physical Angel, known as the Nefesh.
The 2nd Angel= the emotional Angel known as the Ruach.
The 3rd Angel =Angel of spirituality known as the Neshamah. 
The 1st Guardian Angel corresponds to the physical body. He guides the world of action. He is our companion from life to death on this Earth.