What Is Channelling?

Any individual who is particularly sensitive to the spirit of nature, of living beings or to those who have passed on, can be adept at channelling.

Channelling refers to everything that is concerned with communication with the spirit world. We could also say that its origin and all the beliefs and practices associated with it, were formed in the USA.
This modern American term followed the New Age trend from the 1980s onwards. 40 years ago, the latter was considered, as "the emergence of a new cultural paradigm," which was also extremely fashionable at the end 19th century 

Who can channel?
psychics have this gift of communication, called a channel.
Any individual who is particularly sensitive to the spirit of nature, of living beings or to those who have passed on, can be adept at channelling.
There are increasing amounts of people who can channel, because many are attracted by this method of communication with spirits, which opens up our conscience and our hearts to all that is positive, and especially to love.

These people are able to decipher messages, which are sent telepathically by spiritual beings.
We can understand them thanks to our abilities and it is therefore necessary to increase our vibration in order to receive the many messages of love that emanate from these beings.

Whenever you want to get in touch with departed souls or with spirits, you must always have a wise and loving intention, because they are there to assist and guide you, so that your life progresses in the best possible way.
Without realizing it, anyone can channel, because everyone has a sense of premonition and receives spiritual messages without necessarily realizing it. This practice intensifies intuition and the gift of mediumship.
Everyone is therefore a channel, but it takes a lot of exercise and stimulation to discover one’s spiritual abilities.

Could channelling provide us with a more luminous path, one where transformation, excelling oneself and realization are all possible?!

Could we say that mediumship is similar to channeling?!
Well, if we start from the principle that channelling is the art of transmitting spiritual messages to humanity, I believe that we are also talking about mediumship here.

Channelling is therefore a form of mediumship, which is essentially orientated towards spiritual, even metaphysical, questions.

Did you know: Famous Channels
Among the channels we will mention first, one of the most famous is Jane Roberts (author of the Book of Seth). One of the oldest and most influential authors of New Age culture, is the author Jason Leen (the channel of Khalil Gibran and John Lennon). Marie-Lise Labonté (channel of the "Xedah Angels"). Judith Darlene Hampton (channel of Ramtha). The American Lee Caroll (channel of the Kryon entity). Barbara Marciniak (channel of the "Pleiadians"). Laura Knight-Jadczyk (channel of the "Cassiopaeans"). Dr. Christian Tal Schaller and his guide "Fun". Jean-Claude Genel (channel of different "Masters of Wisdom"), but also singers like Michel Berger, Mike Brant, Jim Morrison as well as the painters Marc Chagall or Elia Wise (author of Letter to the Earth). Source (Le Parisien).