Numerology and its History

Move out of the shadows and into the light of knowledge, as we decode the mystery around numerology

The oldest science in the world, numerology has always fascinated people. But could it really have its roots in the mysteries of Atlantis? And what role did Pythagoras play in the earliest studies of numbers?

In this article, we will try to be as rational as possible. Given on the one hand, the ancient civilization of Atlantis and on the other, numerology’s kabbalistic footprint.
Since time began, the field of occult sciences, as well as man’s knowledge, have interested the greatest people of this world.
This is why numerology still gains more and more interest every day. Increasingly well-known and recognized by the public, it was introduced into many countries with the new-age movements, and even if the whole origin of its foundations remains uncertain, its pillar remains mystical, enigmatic and it continues to enlighten us and the cycles that occur to us all, during our existence.

The History of Numerology
Numerology and the Mysteries of Atlantis
An ancient continent that was in the Atlantic, the myth of Atlantis and its exceptional civilization are first known to have descended from Greco-Roman mythology and into the collective imagination we have today.
It should be noted that these days, we are aware that a group of French and Greek researchers have shed some light on the reason for the disappearance of Atlantis.

Numerology and Pythagoras
Although the roots of numerology go back thousands of years, Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and philosopher, believed that reality was purely mathematical. He considered the entire universe to be made up of mathematical symbols and supported the fact that everything can be expressed in numbers.
The teachings of Pythagoras were given prominence by famous people such as Socrates and Plato, which led to the expansion of numerology, and this is why it continues to be studied and practiced to this day.

Numerology and its Jewish origins
Now let’s look at a very different vision of things, where numerology, the oldest divinatory art in the world, is thought to have its origins in the Hebrew alphabet. It is here that we find the logic of the numerological interpretation, which is based on the values ​​of the 22 Hebrew letters.
With its mystical aspects and significant meanings, does this oldest science of the world, found in the books of ancient wisdom, still have secrets to uncover?

Reserved only for a closed circle of initiates who would have jealously kept the secret of this exceptional tool of divination, we owe its coding to Pythagoras. This is despite the existence of Hindu and Tibetan versions too, which we cannot exclude, since if we listen to the discussions of numerologists, many mention karma, a so-called debt contracted in a previous life with the possibility of settling matters in this incarnation.
The clarity and power of this science, which is based on understanding oneself and one's destiny, offers us the possibility of being able to better know our strengths and our weaknesses.

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