Kabbalistic numerology

The mystical secrets of numbers revealed!

Is numerology inspired by the Hebrew Kabbalah?
Numerology has existed for 10 thousand years. This science contains the sources of giving great personal interpretations and its secrets were held by priests in ancient Egypt. The science of letters and numbers can also be found in the ancient books of the Kabbalah, such as the Zohar, which was written in Aramaic.

Yes, Numerology has never ceased to amaze us and neither has the fundamental mystical tradition of Judaism!
Based on the esoteric interpretation of texts and numbers, has the Kabbalah now become fashionable?
The Kabbalah can be understood to be an imaginative and spiritual study. To understand Jewish mysticism, it is therefore necessary to delve into it deeply.

After Buddhism according to Richard Gere and Scientology according to Tom Cruise, here comes the Kabbalah!
In recent years, Madonna has ostensibly displayed the little red bracelet of the insiders of the Kabbalah Centers, but many other stars are interested in it too, as indeed are we too, here at Womensdestiny.  Today we want to take a close look at the symbolism of numbers and more precisely, at the Kabbalistic world.
Beyond the quantities they express, numbers convey forces and in this great jumble of diverse and subjective information that the Internet can offer us, we had a little trouble untangling the knots, knowing, in addition, that the "knowledge" has been intentionally veiled, in order to prevent it being spread about in an uncontrolled manner.

The sources and “tools” available to penetrate the mystery of the letters are as follows:
– The Kabbalah, a vocation in itself.
The Kabbalah associates each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet with a particular number. But gematria is not only used for texts written in Hebrew; the Greeks, Arabs and Chinese also used this form of study.
1. Aleph, ox, '                
2. Beth, house, B    
3. Guimel, camel, G
4. Daleth, door, D    
5. Hé, window, H    
6. Waw, hook, V
7. Zain, weapon, Z    
8. Heth, hedge, 'H    
9. Thet, mud, Th
10. Yod, hand, Y    
11. Kaf, palm, K    
12. Lamed, sting, L
13. Mem, water, M    
14. Noun, fish, N    
15. Samek, pole, S
16. Ayn, eye, '                 
17. Pé, mouth, P    
18. Tsadé, javelin, Ts
19. Qof, monkey, Q    
20. Resh, head, R    
21. Shin, tooth, Sh
22. Tav, sign, T

The Symbolism of the first ten numbers:

  • 1 ONE the Divine who is One.
  • 2 TWO the two tablets of the Law; the good and the bad; cosmic bipolarity.
  • 3 THREE the three fathers of Israel: Abraham, Ytz'haq and Ya'akob, movement, fruitfulness.
  • 4 FOUR the four mothers of Israel: Sarah, Ribqah, Leah and Ra'hel; matrix, matter, fertility.
  • 5 FIVE the five books of the Torah; truth, gnosis.
  • 6 SIX the six sections of the Mishnah; real life, reality, harmony/harmonization.
  • 7 SEVEN the seven branches of the menorah (the sacred candlestick) and the seven days of Genesis; the sacred, the light, the illumination, the mystical.
  • 8 EIGHT the eight days between birth and b'rit milah (circumcision): the Alliance, love.
  • 9 NINE the nine months of pregnancy; accomplishment.
    To the nine basic numbers, are added the following four numbers, with more concrete meanings.
  • 10 TEN the ten words of creation and Sinai, the ten plagues of Egypt; divinization, the bridge between the human and the Divine.
  • 11 ELEVEN the eleven (sic) constellations; the sky, the cosmos, the universe, nature.
  • 12 TWELVE the twelve tribes of Israel; Man, humanity, the people of Moses.
  • 13 THIRTEEN the thirteen divine attributes (according to the extract from Deuteronomy which has become the synagogal prayer); theology, philosophy.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to one of the statements made by Edgar Cayce about those who tend to misuse numerology:
"Remember that these numbers - and numbers in general, in themselves - have only relative significance, according to man's way of thinking of them. They are not infallible! For man has the power to modify his thoughts on anything, and, through these thoughts, to disturb any causal factor.”

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