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The labyrinth of your life!
Many people risk getting lost in the labyrinths of their dreams.
This free life path calculator gives you clear answers regarding the obstacles you may have encountered.
Numerology is an ancestral science which contains the keys to unlocking the mysteries of your personal identity, revealed through the vibrations of your first name, your surname and your date of birth, 

What is the true purpose of your life?
What stands in the way of your life path to reaching lasting fulfilment?
How do you find your true path?

The study of your life path will allow you to better know yourself. It will also reveal the potential that you have within you.
The life path is the general itinerary that was assigned for you at birth and that you will have to follow for your entire life!
Knowing yourself better means being able to analyse your personality, but also discovering the different influences that you will have to consider on your path.

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Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 1

Life Path 1 corresponds to the itinerary of those who are made for action, movement, and making changes. Symbol of the upright man, it will not be uncommon to find you in a position of high responsibility, or the leader of the family.

You are a seeker of harmony, and you deeply hate conflicts. You are happiest when you serve yourself and your family. You will know how to motivate others and those around you to lead them where you want to.

You will need to have authority and determination, which completely matches your profile! Having a Life Path 1 means having a journey which is rich in twists and turns during which, emotionally and professionally speaking, you will certainly have to steer you ship in the right direction, and against all odds! You are a stickler for detail, the person that everyone turns to, in order to get the job done, and done right.

You thrive in an environment where there is strong support and guidance, so you may not enjoy working for yourself, or you may not find your ultimate success or happiness as an independent contractor. You will feel a passion or desire to accumulate possessions. We know that money doesn’t stink, but still, take the time to make your investments carefully.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 2

Life Path 2 is the route of subtlety.

This number represents all the gentleness, all the femininity that can be experienced in a way of life.
Symbol of all ambivalences and dualities, first and radical indivision, having a Life Path number 2 is white or black, masculine or feminine, matter or spirit, or even yin and yang.

You will sometimes be torn by duality because you will be attracted by a desire for independence, but Life Path 2 corresponds to life in a community, sharing, the art of association, it is simply one plus one.

You are one of those people whom others easily confide in or are asked for intimate advice. Since you are endowed with a great moral sense of events, you will have the ability to face up to any ordeal, most of the time.

In your personal progress, you will tend to allow events to happen, rather than to create and master them.

One of the lessons you will learn throughout your life is to set emotional boundaries. You want to give and receive unconditional love. This desire, coupled with a strong sense of service and emotional sensitivity, will bring amazing things into your life.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 3

Life Path 3 corresponds to the potential to communicate with others.It is the joining together of 1 and 2.

Throughout your journey, you will be required to communicate with clarity. Yes, the primary symbolism of Life Path 3 is communication, and also the trinity. Well beyond this symbolism, we find the principles of fraternity: the father, the son, the holy spirit, life, death and reincarnation.

You will need to be creative in order not to stray from the Source.

Your journey will be rich in encounters of all kinds; know how to take advantage of this, because luck doesn’t exist; even the most innocuous person will have something to teach you.

Do not practice the policy of the 3 monkeys: you will have to speak, see, hear and above all, learn to listen. The rule of three always applies: the right thought, the right word, the right deed.

It's quite a challenge to have a Life Path 3 and you will have to feed your heart before feeding your pride: the challenge of a lifetime.
That said, your reality is that you will achieve success by ticking the acceptance box.
Keep in mind that you will always need to have a goal to move forwards.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 4

Life Path 4 corresponds to concrete action, to the strength of achievement. Beware of perfectionism, because the influence associated with this, is the shape of the square.

Don't forget that the perfectionist imposes standards of excellence that are extremely difficult to achieve, if not impossible... So, there's point in concentrating on your frustrations.

The very strong symbolism of the number 4 means the tangible, the solid and the sensitive.

You will mainly devote yourself to your work at the expense of your personal life. Given how sensitive you are, and the fact that you want to give and receive love constantly, you may tend to suffocate your loved ones or have expectations that can never be met.
Beware of your enemy, of resentment and anger… Don't forget that anger and luxuries are things to avoid for you.

In search of a normal life for fear of taking risks, one that is almost routine at times, you tend to forget the passions that life can bring.

Do not remain pessimistic, free yourself from your material attachments, otherwise your path could feel monotonous and limited.
Your goal will be to seek a freedom that will allow you to live your earthly experiences to the full.
A word of advice: never become a slave to those around you, because your great generosity could give you blinkered vision.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 5

Life Path 5 is the path of people returning to this incarnation after exploring the realms of their imagination.

Your choice of life will be one of instability or stability, the choice is yours. The confrontation of this path presents you with a life that is rich in changes of all kinds.

You are on the path of enthusiasm, but are often little understood, because doubt and uncertainty sometimes rule the roost: I'm going, I'm not going, that’s good, no it’s not...Yes, No. For those around you it can be difficult to follow you. We won’t hide the fact that you change your mind often and this swinging from left to right could be destabilizing for more than one person.

Yet, there’s no room for boredom! With your high energy and a good dose of courage, off you go on an adventure, in search of new sensations.

Know how to exploit the stability that will bring you the comfort and security that you will sometimes need. Your great intuition and your moral strength are the best tools you have to face a life full of challenges.

Your curious, flexible and impulsive nature attracts you to travel and other exciting activities. Be careful not to overwork yourself, and don’t go too far in your quest for freedom.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 6

Life Path 6 is the path of the emotional, the family, of love.

It is said that in another existence, you sacrificed your life to save the lives of others. People with a life path of 6 tend to be adventurous and free-spirited people. You are more likely to crave change and new life experiences. Because of your upbeat personality, you are likely to motivate others.

You will be ruled by the cradle of your family. Your path leads you to dedication and sacrifice and you will be found very easily in the defence of a cause that is close to your heart.

Like a tyrannical grip, you will be the leader of the tribe, but paradoxically, this can also correspond to an important position at a social level. Always go with your instincts and avoid feeling pride, because these are the only pitfalls will be placed on your Life Path.

Love, beauty, money will be your fundamental points of reference.
Wrapped in human warmth, your aspiration will be to start a family and have a happy marriage.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 7

Life Path 7 is the path to reincarnation.It is the path of reputable, solitary people, the key that unlocks all locks.

Throughout your journey, you will be asked to have philosophical and spiritual openness. You tend to be childlike, deriving your zest for life from things you can touch and smell.

You will need to apply yourself to keep your faith in every circumstance and when facing all your trials.

In this complex journey, it will be necessary for you to develop your mental capacities and your mystical openness.

In your love life, you will find it difficult to settle down, for fear of being trapped or suffocated in a relationship. Your love of freedom goes beyond concern for your own liberty, and you genuinely care about the freedom and well-being of others. Although you are extremely compassionate, your thirst for adventure and your curiosity can also distract you and prevent you from being aware of the feelings of those around you.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 8

Life Path 8 is the duality between love and money.

From a karmic aspect, it will be necessary for you to be vigilant about power, because all that glitters is not gold and not everything can be bought!
Speak with your heart, because it is priceless!

Despite your strong personality, you will be a trustworthy person.

Your emotional life will be rather hectic, always in search of stability. In general, you are a pleasant person who lacks a bit of organization and concentration on the really important things. Develop your talents and seek to do more.

The family will be the point of honour in your life. People ruled by a Life Path 8, are very persuasive and excellent at motivating people, which makes them people with real leadership skills.

Any career that requires travel is also a good fit for people with a life path number 8 as it will take them away from the routine of many other jobs, otherwise they may feel a sense of restlessness if they are stuck in a mundane or repetitive work environment. 

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 9

Life Path 9 corresponds to travel and to humanitarianism.

Life Path 9 people are inspirational, seek justice, and have a deep love for freedom. "Inspiring" is the word that describes you perfectly.
You are a selfless and compassionate person.
Your generosity of heart is unmatched! People enjoy being around you because you can simplify a problem or help someone focus on their desired goal. Your communication skills are very advanced.
You are the person who gives the other person a small impulse to act, inspiring them and making them believe in you.

You have multiple gifts, and your baggage that you have carried since birth, seems to come from very long ago.
But be realistic because your naivety can sometimes lose you in the face of toxic people, learning how to surround yourself with good people will be your mission.

You are emotionally vulnerable.

Your life will be dedicated, in one way or another, to the community.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 11

Life Path 11 is the life path that leads to the highest peaks, the threshold of confrontation between the world of the real and the unreal.

You can defend your principles and your ideas, because if you know something, you know it fully and with certainty. You're not the kind of person to have any illusions about yourself and that gives you an advantage.

In direct communication with the cosmos, you will be asked to stabilize your energies, both emotionally and mentally, through meditation. You can overindulge by being a shopaholic, gaining extra pounds, or even by using drugs.
You have to plan profitably for your life and be very careful of illusory pleasures. Considering your indulgence, you need to carefully follow a diet and have a healthy lifestyle. You will need discipline, patience and perseverance so as not to overwork your body.

You have an easy and magnetic contact with those around you, you act like a magnet and risk encumbering yourself with unnecessary people.

You are aware of the importance of your role and of the fact that you are there to make things happen, in a society where ignorance and stupidity often reign.

Your whole destiny is placed under the influence of the number 22

Life Path 22 is the path to great success and/or madness...

It is the path of those whose flair is remarkable with great abilities of superior mastery. You usually have a behavioural strategy and a plan for the future because you don't like unpleasant surprises.
You are very inspired and have a good heart, but you have your own principles and ideas. You are willing to refuse having certain conveniences in your life in order to be happy or to bring happiness to others.
You are one of the people who can be so impressed that you quit your job and volunteer. People on a Life Path 22 are able to see further; issues of ecology, social structure and politics really interest you because you feel like you're part of something bigger.

You clearly understand that hard work and determination can bring you to the desired goals. You are not a risky person, you like everything to be planned out, to make you feel safe. Channelling, calming, controlling are the first three pieces of advice to give you.

Look around you, give yourself points of reference, attach yourself to them sincerely.

You like adventure, the unknown fascinates you.

Travel will be required.

Religion and spirituality will be your assets.

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