Parapsychology and Psychic Senses

Parapsychology: fact or fiction?

A History of Parapsychology:
Throughout history, strange events have been noted, that some people seemed to have information that would have been impossible to acquire through the usual means (using the five senses, for example). In this respect we will now discuss the possibility of a sixth sense.
Einstein defined this as a "sensation in your fingertips. "Parapsychology is a rational approach to paranormal phenomena that involves our psyche, its interaction with the environment and ourselves. This view was given in 1889 by the German psychologist Max Dessoir.
The first scientist to be interested in these inexplicable phenomena was the American J.B. Rhine. He published the impressive results of his research in 1934. J.B. Rhine (Joseph Banks Rhine) is widely considered to be the father of modern parapsychology. 

Our Intuition: Can we trust it or not?
Parapsychology historically followed the path of metaphysics, where studies took place of sleepwalking, mediums and clairvoyants in the nineteenth century.
4 types of psychic phenomena have been identified, known as "psi phenomena.” These are telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition (premonition), and psychokinesis (the influence of thought on physical matter, without contact). 
Sometimes parapsychologists investigate certain types of paranormal events such as out of body experiences, poltergeists, and reminiscences of our past lives. This discipline, taught in major European universities, was officially recognized as a legitimate scientific field of research by the American Academy of Science (AAS) in 1969. In the seventies, physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff at The Stanford Research Institute, conducted a significant amount of work on the form of clairvoyance that they call " remote viewing."

Science can explain some aspects, but not all of them...
We also should not forget that energetic and spiritual phenomena play an important role in the history of mankind.
Neuroscientists confirm that intuition is a form of intelligence which we all have. It can be cultivated, used and practiced daily. The more you use your intuition, the sharper it can become.