Tom Cruise and Scientology: A Long Lasting Story

A Convinced Scientologist, it's no longer a secret for anyone!

Before reading this article, we would like to remind you that to date in quite a few countries, Scientology is considered by definition to be a sect. On the other hand, in the United States, it is recognized as a religion.
Scientology is undoubtedly the most powerful, the most well-known and the most complex of all these movements. With highly profitable global organisation, it arouses lively debates around the world, due to the ambiguities that surround it, giving rise to planetary controversies. The movement has many followers who are stars, including one of the best known, the American actor Tom Cruise, who has been a member since the end of the 80s.

Recognized as a religion in the USA
The message conveyed invites followers to get to know themselves better in order to achieve inner peace. The process is often started by a friendly, and very detailed personality test and analysis. At this point, the invited or interested party can begin a process of self-knowledge on the road to achieving inner peace. This self-knowledge goes through the discovery and deepening of the “Thetan, ” which can be likened to a kind of equivalent of the soul. This original “secrets” are only taught to adepts who reach a certain level, which is known as Operating Thetan. The belief system is based on a mixture of references that draws from psychology as well as personal development and science fiction.
The movement claims more than 12 million followers worldwide. Even if Scientology is very successful in the United States, the movement remains renowned for having taken advantage of the vulnerability of several former followers. Figurehead of the movement, could Tom Cruise be a fundamentally bad or even diabolical person, as asserted by Leah Remeni, former member of the Church of Scientology? On August 16, 2017, she answered questions from Internet users on the forum of the Reddit social network. Leah Remeni visibly showed a very present and suspicious criticism of Tom. Cruise, although was herself part of the Scientology movement, and invited to the wedding of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.
The organization has accumulated a number of impressive legal proceedings around the world, and France is in pole position in this area with around thirty proceedings between 1987 and 2014 (Le Monde Magazine).

According to The Mercury News, Tom Cruise will not be able to leave Scientology despite all that it has cost him. That said, Tom Cruise maintains a close friendship with the leader of the organization and spends time in Clearwater. It must be said that his first 2 children, from the marriage with Nicole Kidman, raised as Scientologists, are just as devoted to the organization.

Tom Cruise, a staunch defender of Scientology, controversial as it is, loves his religion and "I'm incredibly proud of it," he says.

Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes are said to have suffered the heavy consequences of this movement, which can be devastating for couples.