Oh my Goth!!! The Stars in Gothic Fashion

Weird but Wonderful; is going Gothic intended to astonish, even shock?

Gothic chiaroscuro
According to Baudelaire, the beauty of poetry in a metaphorical sense, as he wrote in a page of his diary: beauty is always bizarre.

Gothic styling has a very bright day ahead of it.
Under the inspiration of Jean Paul Gaultier, his 2014 collection took a more macabre turn. The “enfant terrible” of fashion, always dared to shock and push the limits of couture. Scary stuff? Black, big jewels, nails are proudly on display and the skull has almost become the essential decorative object and is still in fashion.
From Rihanna, who dares to sport gothic ghetto makeup to Eva Green, who cultivates her image as a mysterious woman. Passing by the handsome Johnny Depp, our very sexy pirate of the Caribbean, who with a style of his own, becomes a fashion icon with ever wilder appearances. Ending with Marilyn Manson, with such fanciful theories and special intelligence, a character who continues to challenge, but his superstar status will not give him absolute immunity for his extravagant statements.

An aura not so dark as all that?
It goes without saying that fashion-victims have their own tastes. Gothic fashion and these kinds of influences will closely affect certain People and the great fashion designers will be inspired by them despite the renewal of influences over the years.
At the end of the 70s, the gothic movement took on its full meaning, until the end of the 80s, also featuring heavily in the post punk musical movement in the United Kingdom, the new-wave movement. From Siouxsie and the Banshees to the Cure, from The Velvet Underground to Joy Division, the Gothic vibe was also heavily reflected in the music as well as in the fashion of the times. 

One thing is certain, despite all this darkness that sends shivers down your spine, we have found one great thing in common among our People with a mystical look, is it a fingers up to uniformity, to any form of domination? We have the chance to interview Tanya, an assertive goth with a concrete sensibility. Tanya shares this moment of her life:
“I can confirm one thing, which may seem paradoxical, each Goth is unique. With all of my gothic friends, we shared an artistic passion and considered the way we dressed as a work of art. My passion for architecture has led me to a job, which may make you smile, I am a stained-glass restorer... no need to tell you what kind of places I work on (churches and cathedrals). Despite rumors about us, goth fans don't necessarily like blood and violence. As for the ostentatious signs, yes some of my friends wore inverted religious symbols or pentacles. As for me, I remain a firm fan of the rivalry between Madonna and Lady Gaga! But, I still like listening to the old gothic tunes. The old ones are the good ones!”
But is Goth truly over, now  we are in the 21st century? We think not. Darker days are yet to come!